Inferius Torment (IT) – Islam

Rating: 4/5
Label/Distributor: World Terror Commitee
Released: 2016
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1. The Hajjit
2. Seven Ways – Seven Suns
3. Caste
4. Great day Of Ashura
5. A Light

Band Line up

Ferrum – Bass
Torturer – Drums
Morbid – Guitars
Inferior – Vocals


“Vicious” is the word that springs to mind when thinking about Inferius Torment’s (IT) debut EP “Islam”. Hailing from Russia, it is clear that the blizzards of harsh Russian winters have had a prfound influence on the band’s approach.

The EP opens the chilling, ecclesiastic intro “The Hajj”, which builds with evr increasing malice. It is followed by “Seven Ways – Seven Suns” – a raw, ferocious blast; it is colder than a mortician’s kiss. Brutal doesn’t even begin to describe it. The band vary their attack on “Caste”, which bears a more measured pace. Although not played at warp speed, it sacrifices none of its power; it drips with soul intoxicating venom. Velocity can be found again on “Great Day of Ashura”, all manic speed and frothing rage. The EP is nicely rounded off with the utterly relentless “A Light”, a savage track packed with punishing grooves.

“Islam” is the sound of a band on top of their game. They have created an EP full of vibrant energy. The raw and grim production suits the songs to the ground; the EP has a great feel allowing IT to invoke dark magic with their music. A band with much to offer for the future.

Review by Owen Thompson