Infected Mushroom – Legend of the Black Shawarma by Alan Chapman

Out Now On Perfecto

There was a time I used to love my Psy/Goa trance, many a night was had at some full on party dancing till the sun came up, but that all changed as the scene got clogged with so much average tunes all sound pretty much the same, most electronic music suffers from this in the end, too easy to make on most PCs.

Not so with the likes of Infected Mushroom! Never scared of the boundaries, even if that means upsetting the purists (who to my mind have forgotten how ground breaking Psy/Goa was back at the beginning). This is trance made by musicians not programers.

Nothing seems to be taboo with them when it comes to adding it the mix; heavy guitar,jazz/blues all thrown in and two surprise guest vocalists Jonathan Davis (Korn) and Perry Farrel (Jane’s Addiction)

This could easily be their break out album and is worthy of your attention.