Inertia, Feature and Chinwag, by Dj Rex

3 years in the studio working in the studio, honing and developing their songwriting and production techniques and Inertia are back with the brand new album, their 11th album, “Deworlded”, this album brings together a unique mix of Electronic sequences, harsh rhythms, crunching guitars and dark song structures, offering the bands’ best work to date.
Imagine, if you can, a journey through your darker periods in life, when one can only find happiness by “Deworlding”, this is where you take a step outside of your world to really see what needs to change.
The subject matter of this album is more than just the average electronic act, taking in, Love, Life, Thoughts, Darkness, Happiness and Spirituality.
Musically, the new level Inertia have reached with Deworlding is probably due to their new line up and what a line up, of course, there’s Reza Udhin and Alexys B, but Reza has obviously picked up a few interesting ideas after a stint in the legendary band, Killing Joke and Alexys has some fresh ideas after hooking up with Electro Falco, then add to the mix Kneill X, ex Killing Joke, and Andrew Lowlife adding some of his influence from Swarf.
Something else that I’m sure helps the sound reach new heights, this year, (2010), the band celebrate their 18th anniversary, making Inertia’s heritage one of the finest this scene has to offer.
Check out this video, see what you think, then read what they had to say for themselves, we had a little chinwag them as well.

pic by Dj Rex

On to a Chinwag

Rex -Greetings to you all, after having known you for many years, it’s a pleasure to grab a moment to have a chat with you for our ezine, I think the last time we did anything together was in Gloucester at a charity event, in fact there’s a couple of pics I grabbed of you above. So, first to Reza and Alexys, how has life been treating you since then?

Alexys: Life has been good…busy and productive.

Reza: Yes, been an extraordinarily creative last few years.. Good times.

Rex – It took you three years since your last album, what took you so long?

Alexys: A number of reasons. Both of us have been working on several different music projects but my biggest excuse was following my passion in special effects make-up. I was under a film contract for 2 years. I contributed what I could in music but only since this March have I been able to commit more time to Inertia.

Reza: Yep, for me it’s mainly been giving my time to several different music projects, plus it was important to spend as much time on this album as possible to make it the best it could ever be.. We wrote over 25 tracks for this album in this time, of which we chose the best 11 for the final cut.
We also recorded an Inertia covers album “Kloned” in this time too, which came out at the beginning of this year..

Rex – to Reza and Alexys, you’ve both been the main stay of the band from day one, what inspired you to start Inertia? Also, does the name have any meaning?

Reza: I started the band mainly for my love of electronic and Industrial music. In the late 80’s and beginning of the 90’s, I was frequenting quite a lot of underground Industrial clubs and the stuff coming out at that time was extremely inspiring.. I’d been making music with synths since about 1982, but the whole time in this scene really changed what I was doing drastically and put me into tune to what I really wanted to do.. As for the name, no real meaning, just thought it sounded good!

Alexys: I’ve only been a member since 1997, 5 years after the band was established.

Rex – I always thought you were there from the start Alexys, I guess we all learn something new everyday. So, any good stories form those early day? Were things hit or miss for a while, or was it just over night success?

Reza: In the early days, we just played loads of clubs and pubs in the UK.. It wasn’t until we got signed to the German label Celtic Circle Productions in 1995 that things really took off.. We did several festivals and European tours over 1995 / 1996 which established us in mainland Europe.. It also created a buzz in the US, where we did our first tour together with Das Ich in 1997.
Our first East German tour was crazy.. It was still something new for them and the audiences were absolutely spectacular.. Really enthusiastic and truly into only one thing.. The Music!

Rex – Are there any bands that inspired you to start back in those early days?

Reza: Yes, lots… Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy, DAF, Kraftwerk, Early Human League, John Foxx, Cabaret Voltaire..

Rex – Some great bands there, how about other bands, what music are you listening to right now? Apart from your own.

Alexys: I personally never listen to our own music. It’s funny sometimes you hear your own track in a club and it doesn’t click until about halfway through the track, then I feel embarrassed not to recognise it….. Some of the bands that I’m listening to more than normal are Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Caro Emerald and Imelda May along with the endless amount of 80’s new romantic.

Reza: To tell you the truth, the only bands I find interesting these days is new material by the older aforementioned kind of bands.. there is very rarely something within the current “Industrial/EBM” scene which interests me.. Unfortunately, it all sounds the same these days.. no innovation like it was in the early days.. No identity, and you can’t tell one band from another.. So, me too, I find my current inspiration outside of “the scene”.. Muse, Caro Emerald, Imelda may, Brian Setzer are some of my current faves..

Rex – Another list of fine bands Reza. Over to Andrew Lowlife now, where does the name Lowlife come from?

Andrew: It’s a DJ name really. My club night ‘Lowlife’ started off in a seedy basement venue in Brighton. I wanted the name of the club to reflect the locale and it also had connotations with various alternative bands; Altered States, Public Image Ltd. New Order, Lowlife (the band) all of which was the sort of music we played.
I’d never got round to choosing a proper DJ name so when I played at different clubs I was always billed as Andrew (Lowlife) so eventually I just thought oh well that’s my DJ name then.

Rex – What about your influences then Andrew? Anything you’d like to give a nod of appreciation to?
Andrew: Way too many to list but off the top of my head; Joy Division, Bauhaus, the Chameleons, John Foxx, Roxy Music, Nitzer Ebb, Frontline Assembly, Future Sound of London, Wumpscutt, IamX…

Rex – A question for Andrew, Inertia or Swarf? Or is that just a tough question?
Andrew-Inertia at this precise moment in time, though that doesn’t mean Swarf will not have my full attention in the near future.

Rex – Let’s have some confessions from you all, what would be the most embarrassing single or album you own? Let’s have one confession from each of you! After Djing with Andrew, I get the feeling his could be the most interesting!

Andrew: I have a signed copy of the Mel and Kim album! Picked it up in HMV many years ago as I thought it might one day be worth something. Needless to say it’s still knocking around somewhere.

Alexys: Andrew that’s awesome!!! Most of what I own most people would call embarrassing, so I can safely say, my whole music collection. Nothing really stands out.

Reza: I actually have that Mel & Kim album too.. not signed though.. I also have tons of embarrassing stuff too.. I think I own a Jason Donovan album.. but try to put it out of my head..;-)

Rex – Andrew, last time I saw you we were Djing together in North London, are you still spinning at any clubs? Maybe we can do a club focus in this ezine on one of them.

Andrew: Last thing I did was a Shoegaze night with fellow Swarf bandmate Chris. We may continue this in an occasional fashion. Have some other plans for the new year so I’ll keep you posted!

Rex – Reza, can I move back to you, how was your experience with Killing Joke, it must have been a pleasure and a challenge working with such legends?

Reza: Yes, it’s been pretty great so far.. I joined the band 6 years ago and been involved with three studio albums and two live albums.. we have just finished the European leg of our tour, which ended in an amazing show at the Hammersmith Apollo.. we are about to head over to the US next week for our States tour..
Working with the Joke, really is inspiring for me.. I love all the members and they have become some of my closest friends over the years..
There is a certain magic and presence in Killing Joke when we are performing live which is unlike anything else..

Rex – What was the line up when you toured with Killing Joke?

Reza: I have been through several line up changes.. when I first started it was Jaz, Geordie, Raven and a drummer called Ben Calvert.. Since the sad passing of Raven a few years ago, we reformed with the original line up, who have not been together since 1982 which consists of Jaz, Geordie, Youth and Big Paul .. and me..;-) It is a pure pleasure working with this line up..

Rex – To any or all of you, what can you tell me about the instruments used as Inertia? (i.e., are you subject to brand loyalty or will you play with whatever’s available? What made you choose the instruments you have now?

Andrew: I’ve minimised my kit to a few virtual instruments running on a netbook triggered by a usb keyboard. Very portable!

Alexys: Since becoming involved with some of the bigger names in the drumming circuit, I’ve opted for a 7 piece sit down electronic kit with my trusty old TD6.

Reza: In the studio, I am now completely working with Logic Pro on an Apple mac.. I have sold most of my old studio gear and old synths, as I don’t really need it much anymore.. I find it a lot easier working in this simple fashion.. I can be a lot more creative and not have to worry about hooking up gear, which can so often get in the way of creativity..

Rex – To any or all of you – What’s been your favourite show, is there a venue that you always love to play?

Andrew: The Purple Turtle was good fun when we played there recently, as was Club Antichrist.

Alexys: Those were two really amazing shows! One still stands out in my mind. We were supporting a well known Scandinavian band with our former keyboard players at the LA2 some years ago. We had an amazing reception when we walked onto the stage, then half the audience left when the headliner came on. I normally don’t gloat, but they had slagged us off on their tour itinerary, so I felt redeemed.

Reza: One of my favourites was a show we did in Washington DC in 2001, it was just a really fun show and the audience were great.

Rex – Ooh, I do love DC, a great crowd there. From fav shows onto gig horror stories, are there any you can tell us?

Alexys: Far too many, usually to do with unreliable band members who were too off their nuts on all sorts and not pulling their weight. It created a lot of problems with relations with promoters and of course, made the aftermath of a gig a nightmare for Reza and I.

Rex – When you’re out there live, which songs do you perform most frequently?

Alexys: For years, we always played ‘Retaliate’ but currently, we’re only playing tracks from our last 2 albums.

Rex – Ahh, I remember that one, tell me, who writes your songs?

Reza: I write most of the stuff myself, Alexys contributes to a few songs on each album as well.

Rex – Could you briefly describe that music-making process?

Reza: It’s different for each song.. sometimes, I start working with drums and bass and try to get a good groove going.. then slowly build on that.. Other times, I may hear a melody or a bassline in my head, then rush to the studio to get it down and build the rest around that..

Rex – How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs?

Reza: Our website has samples from the new album “Deworlded” which was released this week, while the myspace and facebook, have a few more older tracks on them. You can also buy and download songs directly from our website too:

Rex – Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge for giving you support over the years?
Alexys: First and foremost, we would like to acknowledge the fans for sticking with us over so many years. If it wasn’t for them, we still wouldn’t be moving forward.

Rex – Always got to love the fans. From the whole history of music, what would be your dream line up for a band?

Reza: I have it already.:-)

Rex – Good answer Reza!! Ok, some silly questions –
What is the one, single food that you would never give up?

Andrew: Chicken.
Alexys: Spicy chicken!
Reza: Curry

Rex – What do you dream about?

Alexys: Having babies…..

Rex – Who, in the whole history of the world, would you like to get caught on a dessert island with?

Alexys: Reza

Rex – What scares you the most and why?

Alexys: The zombie holocaust because I currently live in a country where you can’t freely buy a firearm.

Rex – What makes you bored?

Alexys: Lady Gaga

Rex – thank you for taking the time to Chat with us! 🙂

Andrew: Always a pleasure!

Alexys: Much obliged!
Reza: Any time my friend!