“Individualism” – a New Album by One-Man Black Metal Cult from Spain

MORIBUND RECORDS announces June 22nd as the release date for HRIZG‘s long-awaited “Individualism”. Ever aptly titled, “Individualism” sees this one-man Black Metal cult perfecting his iron-willed, iron-clad craft, contorting the otherworldly mysticism of ancient black metal to his own isolationist design.

Compared to 2011’s celebrated “Anthems to Decrepitude”, HRIZG’s “Individualism” drives at both extremes – classic grimness vs. tense atonality – but arrives at a destination no less sepulchral and dynamic. Enter the realm of “Individualism”…


I. Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes (1:24)
II. The Darkness I Witness (3:31)
III. No Life After Life (3:25)
IV. To Leave the Roots Grow… (1:48)
V. Night of the Wolf (4:45)
VI. When the Cryings are for the Weak (4:06)
VII. The Hall of Falseness and Impurity (4:44)
VIII. The Strong Against the Stronger (2:57)
IX. From Endless Blackness (4:24)
X. With a Crown of Bitterness (5:27)
XI. The Lament of God (4:53)

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