Indian – From All Purity by Simon Crampton

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Relapse Records
Released: January 21st 2014
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Indian - From All Purity
Band line-up:

Dylan O’Toole -Guitar/Vocals
Will Lindsay – Guitar/Vocals
Ron Defries – Bass
Bill Bumgardner – Drums


2. The Impetus Bleeds
4.Rhetoric of No


One of the best things about writing for music sites besides the joy of writing about music, is that every so often you get sent a release that completely subverts your expectations and it opens your eras and eyes to something you otherwise never would have found on your own. For example the album I’m about to write this review about ‘From all Purity’ by Indian, this is an album I probably would have looked at in HMV, and probably not paid it much attention, but I’m glad I was sent it to listen to, because it was much better than I expected to be.

I think a lot of the time, between album artwork, track listing and a band’s name we can already form an opinion of a band and what we think they will sound before we even hear a single note of music, and I know I’m certainly guilty of that, going into this, even looking at the first track on the album ‘Rape’ and seeing it labelled as ‘Blackened Post Metal’ I was expecting some dark, gruesome satanic corpse paint type of deal, which would have been just dandy with me, but what I got was almost the polar opposite.

I think the Post metal tag is the most literal part of the description when talking about Indian, as it sounds more like bands like Nails, and Deftones than Dimmu Borgir or Behemoth, which is both refreshing and surprising, in fact the best way to describe would be if like Nails and Deftones decided to do a black metal split e.p. Think about that for a second…

There is something wonderfully lo-Fi and stripped down about the album, the production is raw and loose, there is a feeling as though the band was locked in a shed for a week, left to get as angry, and as wound up as possible, then someone just put them in a room with a tape recorder and some instruments and just said GO.

But amongst all of the raw aggression and the grime, there is a sense that the band themselves strived to make something with substance to it as well, as nearly all of the songs veer well over 6 minutes, but don’t get it twisted this isn’t some majestic Opeth type prog journey the band wants to take you one, oh no, no they want to drag you on a filth laden prolonged journey into hell and that is exactly what this albums fills like, it feels like a voice screaming, itching and clawing to fight its way out of an impossible situation, trapped in a place where desperation drips from the walls and the listener is left a little disorientated afterwards.

Its refreshing to see and hear that in a day and age where music has basically become an expendable commodity akin to fast food and reality TV, that is further hindered by the mass marketing of disposable pop and a thousand and one sub-genres, its always good to see a band that is still willing to make music as an art form, no matter how uncomfortable or brutal it may be, they are making it because its what they want to do and they are doing it with substance and purpose. I don’t think ‘From all Purity’ will win any end of year awards, but it will go down as one of the better albums I’ve personally heard recently and certainly one that will stay with me long after it’s running time has finished.