Breaking Bands Festival is a brand new event to be added to the music calendar of 2015. The sole aim of the event is to bring the very best of the bands of the future into one place to open up the festival season and show what they can do. Breaking Bands Festial Line-up Poster

The event opens up late May bank holiday weekend with 3 days action packed with rock, punk and metal bands from all over the UK mixing up the genres so there is always something for everyone.

Taking notes from the past 20 years of attending festivals and events, the organisers have put a year of planning into the good, the bad and the ugly to come up with a festival they would pay to go to themselves.

Rounding off each day, the organisers have specially selected bands of a higher level but still within reach of their fans. Bands that the future bands would like to level up to and bands that do not have the ego attached to them of being super rock stars. These additions will be special guests invited by the festival to not only play for the fans but for the bands too.
The festival will be held at the fantastic Stoke Prior Sports & Country Club, well known for the very popular Beermageddon Festival in August each year.

There are a limited amount of early-bird tickets on sale via the website for just £20 which will increase to £25 at the start of 2015. Under 14’s go free and camping is included in the weekend price. Also, weekend ticket holders get the bonus of the Friday VIP night which will have another special guest band that will not be announced until well into 2015.

The first announcement, made on 1st October sees London rock and metal band Breed 77 take the stage as the first special guest band.

One of the organisers of the festival said “We are extremely delighted to have such a well established band come and play not just for the fans but for the future ‘Breaking Bands’ too.”

Adding to the special guests on this first announcement is A Tower Of Crows, Idlehour, Martyr De Mona, Obzidian, Ronin, The Midnight Dogs, The Senton Bombs, Skarthia and Wildside Riot.

Full details of all the bands announced, profiles and links plus tickets can be found at the website: