In This Moment – Video Interview with founding member and guitarist Chris Howorth

Face to face Interview with Chris Howorth (guitars) from In This Moment
28th of February 2015 @ The Garage, Glasgow
By Melanie Brehaut

In This Moment have come a long way since their formation in 2005. Starting life as a solid if unspectacular metalcore group, of late they have made quite a leap in their sound, morphing into a goth-tinged industrial heavy rock band. Fronted by the seductive and talented Maria Brink, who draws on her own experiences to create emotional and often breathtakingly personal songs, the band are currently enjoying a surge of success, with their most recent album Black Widow peaking at number 8 on the Billboard charts.

Prior to their opening night of their first UK headline tour in Glasgow, The Independent Voice sat down with lead guitarist and band co-founder Chris Howorth to talk about the band’s signature image and sound, their new album, and what’s next for In This Moment.