In Solitude Interview with Pelle Åhman

In Solitude Interview with Pelle Åhman
@ Underworld, Camden London
15th October 2014
By Jo Blackened

Pelle Åhman – Vocals
Niklas Lindström – Electric Guitar
Henrik Palm – Electric Guitar
Gottfrid Åhman – Electric Bass Guitar
Uno Bruniusson – Drums

Afew hours before In Solitude are due to go on stage for their headlining gig, we managed to have a quick chat with vocalist Pelle Åhman.

Pelle - In Solitude
Pelle – In Solitude

Hello Pelle, thank you for your time today! How are you finding this headlining tour so far?

Hello! Very good, surprisingly good actually.
We’ve been in the wrong sort of situation, over and over so this concept is something we should’ve done along time ago. Alot of the people who have come to the show have been waiting to see us in this concept, instead of us being opening for someone, so the reception has been great!

How do you feel this tour is different from your last tour where you supported Behemoth and Cradle of Filth?

It’s different on all levels. I mean looking back on it I can’t see any point why we did that tour in the first place, this tour I feel we could just go on, much longer. I’m sure it was good in some aspects but we were in a dark place, I can tell you that much.

On this tour you guys are headlining in the UK.  How does this feel when compared to previous shows where you have been the opening act?

You will have to ask me again in afew days when we’ve done it. Every place we have come to we have no expectations, we were in France recently and had no idea how the reception would be, but it was a fantastic thing, so I don’t know…we shall see.

Your music has always focused on a darker lyrical content. Could you tell us where you draw your inspiration from when writing and does the same apply with your artwork?

I just think it comes from how you look at the world and how you work with the world you know, that is what is reflected in people and how they reflect it artistically.

There are more layers to it, its not just inspiration and outcome but it’s a way of looking at things and a way of communicating. Then again, you can of course get stuck in that, some people do, they go with that idea of things and work on it for the rest of their lives. For me things will change, I don’t know, dark in the sense that I have come to learn that the world is a pretty complex place to be in and I’m not sure what is going on, but dark in the sense that everything needs to be penetrated to some extent. I mean exploring the world, you come to meet the things that are your hell so to speak, in a sense, and for some of us that is a quite demanding character you know, but for me it’s the most comfortable thing in the world. It is painful but a good direction as it pushes me.

What ‘In solitude’ songs mean the most to you and why?

We have afew songs I am fond of, but it depends on the night. Sometimes the most unexpected song becomes this moment where everything just clicks and is just perfect. We have this song called ‘He comes’ that I think has something primal, which none of our other songs have. It’s the most simplistic song, but at the same time it has many doors open in that song and it has a special place in my heart.

Sister Cover
Your most recent album ‘Sister’ received some pretty positive feedback, do you feel this album is your strongest and what makes it special from the previous two?

I think it is our strongest. Our first two records to me aren’t very focused, I see them more as demo’s or a preparation to something. If I tried meeting the person I was at that time it would be very far from who I am today as I was very young when we made those albums. Like ‘Sister’ is the the first album, we expressed something that is uniquely us.

Like a new beginning?

Yeh definitely! To me this album is the only one that matters.

You’ve previously worked with Anna Norberg, would you consider working with any other artist for future releases? And if so who would you most like to work with and why?

I don’t know…I mean, we got to work with Jarboe of Swans too, which was on my list and which was a big deal and yeh, I don’t know, even in that song there was something….and something about her voice and luckily we got to know her and it worked out really well, but yeh I don’t know. The people I want to work with are already dead…we will probably work with someone very close to us in the future probably.

What can fans expect to see tonight and how would you like your music to be perceived?

I don’t want it to be perceived in any particular way, id want them to see…I want to see what it means for them, even if they see it as something fantastic or rubbish, I would respect all of their opinions. This tour leading up to now has been quite special, we’ve been reaching this very sordid place you know, the concept situation, the feeling of the doors closing on the outside world.

This has been quite an intense tour, how do you plan to spend your free time when it’s over?

I will be in a cabin in the middle of nowhere actually for quite some time, that is what I have done every time coming away from tour, since the beginning. Exile.

Looking about the dressing room, there is alot of vegetarian food, is this part of your everyday diet?

Yes. I was brought up in a meat eating household, when I reached the age of 13 I felt there was something extremely wrong with this. I stopped eating meat and now vegetarian.

That’s great! Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

I think they will be extremely grateful, Londoners and those who are familiar  with us as this tour will be very different from the last time we were here and will be more properly pronounced and we would love to share that with them.

Thank you again for your time.
Thank you!