Rating: 3/5
Released: 2014
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Pic (5)Band Lineup:                                                              

Adam Leader: vocals
Rory Kay: guitars
David Mena Ferrier: guitars
Faz Couri: bass
Sean Gorman: drums, backing vocals


1/ The World Is Yours
2/ Give In
3/ 51 56
4/ In Search of Sun
5/ Idle Crown
6/ Burn
7/ To the Axe
8/ Skin
9/ Draw the Line
10/ The Eyes Behind I


In the world of rock and metal, it’s not often that a band radically alters its sound within a short space of time. Gradually? Sure. But from one album to the next? Rare.

 Such is the case however with London-based rockers In Search of Sun. Once upon a time – in fact, just a few short years ago – the band were actually a groove-laden metalcore act called Driven. They released an EP , A Breakdown of Character, and then just…decided to switch. Quelle surprise, eh?

 So what does a band that started as a metalcore act, then changed tack and became a metal-tinged rock band, actually sound like? Well, if debut album The World is Yours is anything to go by, the answer is brooding, muscular and expansive. An intriguing mix, indeed.

 Released by Raging Demon Entertainment on October 7th, the album opens with the title track, which is also the lead single. All ‘rawk’ sound and wailing guitars, with only traces of their former life present (mainly in the quick-time drumming), it’s a catchy and attractive rock number with a dash of industrial metal thrown in for good measure.

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Truth be told, the album is a bit of a ‘kitchen sink’ affair in terms of sounds and influences, ranging from brawny modern rock such as Scar the Martyr and Foundry Road (on tracks such as ‘Give In’ and ‘To the Axe’), Tesseract-style meanderings (‘Idle Crown’ and ‘Draw the Line’), and power balladry (’51 56′ and ‘The Eyes Behind I’). The prodigious musicianship and vocalist Adam Leader’s raspy, passionate performance thankfully pulls it all together so the result is eclectic rather than disjointed.

 Highlight ‘Burn’ is, ironically, probably the simplest track on the album. Opening with a fantastically catchy intro, the song powers along on a jaunty, ballsy groove, with Leader hitting some pretty damned impressive notes. And all of you guitarists out there: check out the nimble intro and widdly riff that weaves throughout ‘The Eyes Behind I’ or the bluesy, atmospheric epic ‘Skin’. Wow!

 In Search of Sun have rather deftly taken the muscle of their previous metalcore incarnation and added to it melody, power and ambiance, resulting in a welcome dose of modern, metal-encased rock n roll. The combination melds brilliantly with their lyrics which rather cleverly alternate between mournful and hopeful. In all, with The World is Yours, ISOS have proven comprehensively that a leopard can change its spots…and rock your balls off once it has.

Review by Melanie Brehaut