In Search Of Sun – The World Is Yours by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Raging Demon Entertainment
Year: 2014
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In Search of Sun - The World Is Ours album coverBand line-up:

Adam Leader – Vocals
David Mena Ferrer – Guitar
Rory Kay – Guitar
Sean Gorman – Drums
Faz Couri – Bass


1. The World Is Yours
2. Give In
3. 51 56
4. In Search Of Sun
5. Idle Crown
6. Burn
7. To The Axe
8. Skin
9. Draw The Line
10. The Eyes Behind I


There’s a lot of good music out there. Understatement was invented just for that statement. But there is, in all kinds of different genres. You just got to find your way in. In Search Of Sun are one of what I like to deem ‘gateway’ bands – their mix of nice vocals and occasionally nasty drops make for comfortable listening. It’s like “come on in, the musical water’s great,” and those who are a bit nervous might just take the plunge.

If you’re already in there, well catch a wave. See if “The World Is Yours” floats your boat.

Previously known as Driven – of the metalcore persuasion – In Search Of Sun have had a name change to go with their more melodic modern metal sound. A lot of M’s there. There’s something quite catchy about it all. When jig-along “The World Is Yours”’s tiny sonic boom goes off around the minute-and-half mark you can picture the surging bodies. The frenzy of the young and getting it. It’s almost radio-worthy.

“51 56” screams youth angst anthem, and not being in that age bracket anymore it’s like “how do I relate”. I can remember that time though; feeling like no-one cares, not knowing who the hell you are, just wanting to thrash it all out to an emotive solo, or something to that effect. You find a song during that period you can connect with and it’s powerful stuff.

It’s not a stretch to say In Search Of Sun are good. But there’s plenty of good out there. They’re not innovative spoon-benders, they’re not serving up cool as fuck swag, they’re not all kinds of fun – they’re not any of the things that would perhaps plaster them across your memory. They’re good at a type of metal that spawns thousands others. And they just sound so ‘done’ – the production is great, but it feels like a finished product. Not just music. You follow?

Anyway six-minute melody maker “In Search Of Sun” is a bright spot as is “Idle Crown”. Because for all of the above, the drop on the latter, coming after a slowly building drum beat and expanding vocals, is still satisfying. It’s also got a nice outro as well. When did bands stop doing those? Or have I just not been noticing?

And we should mention the voice. Adam Leader’s vocals are top-drawer, no questions, and his versatility makes everything that much more listenable. On the latter part of “Give In” they bring to mind Jesse Leach in Times Of Grace mode. The rest of the time they sound like countless others, or so I say because they feel so familiar, yet I can’t pinpoint exactly what makes me say that.

Maybe those pipes along will elevate them. Many a frontman has done the same, and the rest of the band aren’t slouches either. What they need is that super spark, that Big Bang moment that makes them a bit brighter than everyone around them. Then I’ll be happy to soak it up.

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs