Images At Twilight – Kings

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Indie Records
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Released: 2015
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Band Line-up:Images at Twilight

VITI Bass & Vocals
ANDERS FARET HAAVE – Drums & Percussion
BOLVERK – Guitars
ANDRE AASLIE – Piano, Orchestration & Vocals
(TOM ARILD JOHANSEN – Additional guitars)


Lograttin Part I (The Saga Of The Ancient Warlords Chapter III)
Ninhagaz (The End Of An Era Chapter I)
Lograttin Part II (The Saga Of The Ancient Warlords Chapter IV)
Created To Destroy (The Saga Of The Ancient Warlords Chapter V)
Awazor (The Saga Of The Ancient Warlords Chapter I)
Kaizanbar (The End Of An Era Chapter II)
Zatholach (The Saga Of The Ancient Warlords Chapter II)
Awakening Of The Stars (The End Of An Era Chapter III)


Back in the days of 2011, the rumblings began of a new orchestral black metal band that was going to change things yet to come. Andre Aaslie, founder of Images of Twilight began in the summer of 2011 with compositions for a project he titled “Black”, this was the catalyst that inspired the foundations for the following autumn to undergo the recruitment of what was to be Images of Twilight. First to join the mighty group was drummer Jontho of Ragnarok fame, soon to follow with Martin Blystad from Hinsidig on the bass, alongside guitarist Tom Arild Johansen, known from such acts as Perished, Bloodthorn and Mayhem. In addition, at the start of 2012 Balfori joined on vocals with Bolverk, friend of Jonthos taking reigns on the guitar.

However sadly this set us wasn’t meant to last as in late 2012, Balfori and Jontho decided to leave the band. This then led to the new additions Anders Faret Haave on the drums and vocalist Narrenschiff. Soon after the monstrous band made way to Marduks Endarker Studio in Norrkøping to begin the operation of the creation on their debut album. Fast forwarding after a series of gigs the band embarked on their first European tour in the autumn of 2015 with debut album Kings, which was released by Indie Records on the 27th of November 2015.The album has 12 tracks, with longest being a mighty 15 minutes and taking form as Kaizanbar which is towards the end of the album and rather typical of the black metal genre, not one to be missed.

First to hit us is Lograttin Part I which starts off with a haunting and almost ghostly setting that will put a chill down your spine with its commanding symphonic spell, giving an interesting tone to what the rest of the album may have instore. The main body of the song blasts Ghoulish vocals, smashed against the brutal assault of instruments that almost fight with one another in a strangely balanced tug of war. It’s easy to tell that these guys have definitely got the black metal skill of mesmerising its audience as this song sucked me in and spat me back out intrigued to hear more from debut album Kings.

One track I must mention to check out is Created To Destroy, an epic yet ambient symphonic beginning with an almost inquisitive atmosphere created by the sharp emphasis on the keyboards progression of tempo. The melody twists and turns almost guiding you through a haunting and lonely story of no return through its repetition of instrumental loops through the modulation created by the keyboard which is quickly cut by different key changes, making a fully mesmerizing aura and ambiance. This track is purely instrumental which is packed with emotion of turmoil and suspense, which almost seems like a build up to something menacing that’s away to happen next in the album. Pure and utter black metal ambiance, I personally recommend checking this unique song as its skilfully beautiful and the perfect way to break up such a merciless album.

Another song I feel I need to mention again is track6 Kaizanbar, it begins with an element of instrumental harmony of greatness which is then slashed with the harsh savage vocals and ripped apart with the manic havoc of guitar riffs and rapid crazed drum beats. This is then slowed down by an interlude of an orchestral plague of suffering and torment, which is again quickly lacerated through sinister vocals and roars. The overall repetitive rhythm through the changes of slow to fast, balance out a pandemonium of emotion, creating a hold on your soul so you can’t stop listing as you never know what might happen next. Personally I have no doubt in saying that this track is the masterpiece of the album and not to be missed.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by both Images of Twilight and debut album Kings, due to the mass amount of black metal bands to hail from Norway. However I can honestly say that for as far as debut albums go, Images of Twilight are a band to keep an eye on. I have no doubt they have a monstrously successful future ahead of them. Anyone of the metal persuasion would be missing out if they didn’t give Kings a listen, these guys are painfully talented already and show true potential through even their debut album.

I look forward to seeing what you do next!

Review By Alexis Evans