iLLacrimo – iLLacrimo

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: TuneCore/Resisto
Released: 2015

Album coverBand Line-up: 

Federica Sara Falletta – Vocals
Davide Kristof Acs – Lead Guitarist
Raffaele Lamorte – Keyboards
Dario Vanoli – Bass
Alessandro Napolitano – Drums


1. Burning Fields
2. 1000 Reasons to
3. Chains in the Cold
4. No Longer
5. Non Credi


This album is unusual, dramatic, complex and yet accessible. The first release of iLLacrimo is a collaboration between two friends, Davide-Kristof Acs (guitar) the son of Hungarian orchestra conductor Janos Acs, and Federica Sara Falletta (vocals) who combined their Hungarian/Italian cultural and musical elements in the making of this album.

Their influences are clear from the first track ‘Burning Fields’, with its percussive introduction, clean guitar and soft melodic lines reminiscent of Lacuna Coil. As the vocals set in over a beautiful, melancholic piano melody we can hear what sets this band apart from their Italian contemporaries.

While Falletta’s vocal delivery is similar in style to their Evanescence influence her voice offers a more powerful, striking tone. The second track ‘1000 reasons to’ sees this develop into a stunning showcase of her voice with piano accompaniment until the band provide the accentuation needed to push the music forward, with sweeping guitar fills and a slow percussive backdrop. The third song on this album is the released single ‘Chains in the cold’ and is more of a straightforward rock song.

Opening with a synth melody overlapped with distorted guitar until the drums lead in and the music falls into chugging power chords, this is the most powerful song on the album. The heavier theme continues into ‘No Longer’, which is an upbeat, melodic song full of catchy riffs and vocal lines. The final track ‘Non Credi’ is the only song on the album in Italian and it sees a return to the softer, melancholic atmosphere of the opening tracks but it includes some of the heavier elements. Falletta’s voice once again steeped in emotion and accentuated by the music of Acs is a powerful drive and ending to this first EP release.

The composition style is a breath of fresh air and I feel they could experiment and take this further. iLLacrimo is a band that would be welcomed by fans of experimental rock.

Review by Helen Collins