Il Vuoto – Weakness

Band Name: Il Vuoto
Album Name: Weakness
Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Satanarsa Records
Distributor/Label URL: Satanarsa Records
Released: 2015
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Il Vuoto Weakness

Band Line-up:

Matteo Gruppi – Vocals & All Instruments

Track Listing:

1. And Night Devours Me
2. The Harvest
3. Sea Of Emptiness
4. And Night Took Her
5. Through Mirrors I Saw The Ghost Of Me
6. I, Essence Of Nothingness
7. Closure XXVII


Good funeral doom requires dense layers of thick, leaden noise moulded by a suffocating, miserable atmosphere and, of course, the sort of tempo that feels like dragging a colossal weight behind you whilst climbing uphill after an exhausting day at work. Unpleasant, draining – both physically and emotionally, yet hugely cathartic when all is said and done. So how does IL VUOTO fare?

The riffs are low, drawn and rumbly with half-time battery thumping on the drums – it certainly has the weight. “The Harvest”, the stellar “Sea Of Emptiness” and destructive “I, Essence Of Nothingness” are this and more. The inclusion of piano interludes and clean breaks helps to offer variety and break up the endless dirge (and let’s face it, nearly an hour of gargantuan bludgeoning, would prove somewhat tiresome), so one can rejoice in the presence of light and shade. At times, however, they do feel a little haphazardly put-together – “Sea Of Emptiness” breaks into its’ clean passage rather abruptly and the effect is almost jarring.

Despite this, it is entirely necessary. Every song feels like a journey, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that some of the heavier parts feel like walking in a circle. Additionally, the production doesn’t feel as dense as it probably should; it’s finely balanced, and even mastered a little softer (which by today’s atrocious standards, is a joy to hear), but it could do with a little extra beef.

Nevertheless, Matteo Gruppi has produced a solid piece of work on IL VUOTO’s debut. It’s not without its faults, but the essence of what funeral doom is all about is there: melancholy, pain and slab-dragging heaviness.

Review by: Lee Carter