Rating : 4/5
Distributor : Metal Blade Records
Released : January 2015
Buy album : Bandcamp
Band website : http://www.ifthesetreescouldtalk.com


Zack Kelly – Drums
Tom Fihe – Bass
Jeff Kalal – Guitar
Cody Kelly – Guitar
Michael Socrates – Guitar


1 – Breath of Life
2 – The First Fire
3 – Barren Lands of the Modern Dinosaur
4 – They Speak with Knives
5 – The Gift of Two Rivers
6 – Red Forest
7 – Aleutian Clouds
8 – Left to Rust and Rot
9 – When the Big Hand Buries the Twelve


If These Trees Could Talk is at it again. Released in 2012 independently and then rereleased in their new label Metal Blade Records early 2015, Red Forest is the proud successor of their first album Above the Earth, Below the Sky.

Musically more tortured and sentimental than the first one. The opener, Breath of Life is ethereal, inviting us to get lost in a spiral of clear sounds then engaging into the powerful guitars that embraze the record with the First Fire. Imagine a fire fighting with a violent wind, in a subtle ballet of intertwining lights supported by prolific sounds.

It is quite an exercise to put words on a music that just needs your ears and availability to be fully apprectaied. It is not easy to describe the poetry and the elegance of their music. They are skillfull musicians, with soul, and an understanding of melodies and story telling. They do both perfectly without a single word and that makes the album even better. They are expressive enough in their musicality and the emotion that still emits from their instruments makes it almost a rock soul album.

Barren Lands of the Modern Dinosaur is a lovely atmospheric ballad that turns into a whilrwind of guitars. And They Speak with Knives is the song where you picture yourself listening live and not even looking at the stage, just closing your eyes and be in communion with the band and the audience. It is really like a prayer.

Another thing to be appreciated is once again that constant reference to the power of nature, whether in the titles or just its musical evocation. Red Forest is about struggle and resistance, resilience and just respect. A beautiful plea by the guys. One could almost see them cry. The 48 minute long album seamlessly floats in the air, and takes you on a journey that is just too short but so intense.

To hear such a quality on the production of this record and the gifted dedication of the musicians is a privilege. One can only hope they will tour again and just attract more crowds.

Review by Fatiha