If These Trees Could Talk Interview

Email Interview By Sabrina Selkis

October 2016

Freshly signed to Metal Blade Records, the self confessed “part-time” genius band offers us a few minutes of their time to get to know them a bit more,Enjoy!



Congratulations on joining the Metal Blade family, how are you feeling so far?

Feels great!    It’s nice to have a team behind you that believes in what you are doing and backs the decisions that you make.   They have been nothing but supportive of what we want out of the band, so things are going great. 

What has changed since you got signed?

Not much really.   Maybe an elevated status in terms of credibility?   But that might be us just thinking it to be honest.    Business as usual really.

Where does the concept of If These Trees Could talk come from?

– It’s a quote from Terrance McKenna that encapsulated the album well, so we went with it.   We were originally going to call the record “Manufactured Out of the Bones of a Dying World”, but that was way too long!  

You self-released your two previous albums, why is being signed to a label is important for you this time?

-It’s makes things easier from a product standpoint and from a general book keeping standpoint.   When self releasing, they are a lot of variables to keep track of, and having Metal Blade facilitate that is extremely helpful.  

Your new album “The Bones of a Dying World” was released in June, are you happy with its reception?

Very happy so far.   The long time fans seem to really dig it, and we are gaining new fans everyday, so the reception has been great.   It’s always nice to see your fanbase growing release after release, so I think it’s been going really well.

Were there any particular challenges during the recording process?

Just deciding to finish songs rather than belabor them over and over again was a challenge.    We really had to put our foots down to finish the record rather than going back and touching things up over and over again.   Aside from that, typically recording process issues were a challenge.  We were just happy to finally have it turned in and completed.

Musically speaking, there are a lot of influences- how do you mix them all?

Without trying to mix them all ;).   We really dont try to fit into a box.  We just want to be happy ourselves with the outcome.   While we strive to please the fans, we want to please ourselves first and foremost. 

Out of the formats, vinyl, MP3 and CD, what is your favourite?

Vinyl is great because it’s a spotlight on the artwork and visual component to the music.   From a pratical standpoint, digital is great because it’s much more portable and you can take that audio experience wherever you want.  

In your opinion, how do you explain the success of your band? Do you consider yourself successful yet?

-I guess that depends.   Any time we get a placement on TV, a letter from a fan in a far off place, a moment of recognition from one our peers, it feels like success.   We’ve never been a full time band, so to accomplish what we have operating at that pace is pretty incredible.    Success to me is being able to stay together and create music as we get older.   It’s easy to hang it up and settle into life without a band to play in, but it’s much more rewarding to see it through and continually challenge ourselves.  

Who does your artwork? How do you settle on a decision?

– We’ve had Charlie Wagers do the past few records.   He’s an Akron native, and a terrific graphic designer.   We’ve always been very pleased with the direction he has taken so it’s nice to have someone local to bounce things off of.

If you ever had to have a guest vocalist, who would this be? How important is it to remain instrumental?  

Maynard or Chino.    Otherwise, we are staunchly instrumental.   We’ve gotten this far without a vocalist, so no need to change the formula!

Your songs have been featured in games, TV shows and commercials .How did these come about?

Honestly, very organically.   We’ve never put ourselves out there for placement, but they just seem to find us and then get into contact.   It’s nice because we haven’t had to beg for these opportunities, they have just come to us pretty easily.  

 If you could choose one movie and one TV series to have your songs featured in, what would they be?

That’s tough because our tunes could work with quite a few things.   It would be awesome to have something on Narcos, American Horror Story, and various other shows that would be awesome to hear it in.

Finally, what is next for the If These Trees Could Talk?

Shows and working on new music.   We just completed a US tour, and were doing a fly in date in Canada next week.  Aside from that, it would be great to get over to Europe again.   Thanks!


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