I Miss My Death – In Memories by Ritchie Birnie

Rating 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Metal Scrap Records  
Released: 2014
Buy Album [URL]: http://metalscraprecords.bandcamp.com/album/i-miss-my-death-in-memories
Band Website: http://imissmydeath.at.ua/

In Memories - album cover
Band line-up:

Sergey Krivovyaz – vocal, guitar, lyrics;
Elena Krivovyaz – vocals;
Roman Kovalenko – lead guitar;
Nikita Grom – keyboards;
Sergey Riabtsev – bass;
Sergey Novachenko – drums.


1. The Last Overture 01:59
2. In the Dark Garden of the Vampire 06:33
3. In Memories 10:23
4. Silence Cries 07:30
5. Thirteen Autumns of My Solitude 08:51
6. Earl Pale 05:23
7. Trail into the Past 01:29
8. Silent Existence 04:10
9. Flower that Fades 08:15
10. The One 07:28
11. While You Remember Me 08:24
12. Lacrimosa (W.A.Mozart) 04:42


You may not have heard of this Ukrainian six piece band……but with this debut full length offering I am hoping the name stretches far and wide. They deserve it. They have been on the go since 2007 with only two releases to date and one DVD( all self released). They have been doing it the old school way. Tour, tour and tour again with a good few Eastern European festivals in the last couple of years helping pick up fans and a record label.

It is very difficult to pigeon hole these guys. There are so many influences you can hear running through their music; Rammstien, Nightwish, Early Alice Cooper and Yngvie Malmsteen to name but a few, but the sound and composure is much bigger than these parts.

There is a huge sound and depth to this album, not only that but the thought and musicianship is extraordinary. Every detail has been reviewed to set this out as a complete package, every song playing its role in telling a story.
A story of good and evil, sorrow and joy( a reflection of the plight of their homeland?). The husband/wife duet of vocals work perfectly to compliment the story. The guttural depth of Sergey against the angelic heights of Elena play out the story. It’s a beautifully haunting, dark and aggressive platter. Two souls bared, open and fighting for their lives. It is easy to get immersed in this CD and with songs like the title track coming in at over 10 minutes it is a great tribute to the band that the time flies and you really do not notice the length.

Opening track the last overture is a fully operatic piece and lulls you into a false sense of security as from then on in the gentleness in total is left behind…..the battle begins. Each track keeping you guessing as it goes from dark to light and vice versa. The sheer might of the duelling, opposing vocals fill every moment but what makes this record is the backbone, the musicianship of the rest of the band. They are solid and sound very accomplished in their own right. Mix this with string sections and you have a delicately layered slice of genius. Musically it’s like watching an artist spreading stroke after stroke on his canvas. The end result is fantastic.

I hope the record company get fully behind this band and this offering….even if this is a bit selfish…..I desperately want to see this band on stage. This CD deserves a full show, the thing played in whole. The band are already playing the role with the promo shots of them looking like extras from an interview with a vampire.

Everything with this band fits. Nothing has been left to chance. This is reflected in the album launch on November, 22 the band organised a grand presentation of the album. Especially for this evening I Miss My Death invited string section and backing vocals, prepared an interesting duo, sewed new costumes, released branded merchandise and of course presented the new material. This band want to tell their story and they will not do it by half.

This is one hell of an accomplished first album and one I will have on heavy rotation until the UK tour is announced. Hurry up folks, I’m waiting.

Review by Ritchie Birnie