I.C.O.N. -The Blacklist

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/Label: Metalbox Recordings
Released: June 2015

ICON 300Band Line-Up:

Scott Knowless (Guitars)
Mark Sagar (Vocals)
Reece Bevan (Bass)
Larry Paterson (Drums)


1. A Room In Hell
2. Feeding the Negative
3. Grindin’ Wheel
4. I’m the Venom
5. Welcome To My War
6. Speak To Your God
7. Devil’s Blacklist
8. Wrong Way Back
9. Man of the North
10. Deconverted
11. Drowning in the Screams


Following the success of their 2009 album “New Born Lie”, I.C.O.N. come at us once again, this time with their newest album “The Black List”.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, I.C.O.N. is a band that has been playing since the early 2000’s, playing a style of Groove Metal more akin to bands such as Black Label Society and Pantera.

The album itself starts off with an intro that feels more like it belongs on a Doom Metal album than anything, but it builds up to the first full track of the record. It gets into it right away after the intro with groove inspired riffs that are quite catchy and worthwhile. The solo is hard to catch, as I felt it was hidden behind the rhythm guitar more than anything.

The entire album is like that for the most part as well. You get a bit of a breakdown before the solo starts up, but if it weren’t for the breakdown, you probably wouldn’t hear the solo whatsoever. Even then, the solos feel too short on this album.

The other thing that bugged me was that halfway through the album, it felt as if they wanted to copy other bands. Twice they copy Black Sabbath (Devil’s Blacklist feels like a poor man’s Sabbath Bloody Sabbath) and the final song as a drum beat which is oddly similar to Children of the Grave.

With that, many of the latter tracks feel forgettable as well. A track such as Deconverted feels as though it was a song from the first half of the album.

Whereas their debut album was more of a hit, this isn’t a complete miss, but it’s not something that will be lighting the world on fire any time soon.

Reviewed by: Omega Josh