Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Self-released
Released: 2015
Buy Album [URL]: http://hyne3000.weebly.com/store/c1/Produkte_im_Angebot.html
Band Website: www.hyne3000.de

Hyne - MMXV
Hyne – MMXV
Band line-up:

Koschelski – Vocals
Doerty – Guitar
Roos – Guitar
Stefanmann – Bass
Björn – Drums


1) Black Paint
2) Undertow
3) Keep It Low
4) The Apprentice
5) Orbit
6) Monkey’s Paw
7) Ride The Snake
8) Into The Sun



MMXV is the third studio album from Hamburg-based stoner rockers, HYNE, and Black Paint provides a good solid start with its slightly relaxed rock style and gritty vocals.  At around 3 and a half minutes in it pulls completely back keeping the original guitar rhythm but stripping everything else back making it much more laid back and relaxed. The vocals sound as if they’re coming from far away then one minute from the end you’re brought back to the original levels which, after the relaxing lull (and it was indeed relaxing) seems to give it a harder edge.

Another example of this can be found later in the album with The Apprentice, where the lulling rhythm and guitar riffs showcase the most prominent stoner rock style of the album, mixing it halfway through with a harder edge rock influence.

Undertow has a happy, slightly cheeky sounding guitar melody which reminds me more of folk metal.  It takes that lightheartedness throughout but mutes it through the drums and deeper notes. Happily it is repeated in the chorus breaks and I say happily because, well it’s fun.  Though perhaps somewhat at odds with the lyrics ‘Demons will eat your soul’ but if they do, it sounds like it will be a cheery affair at least.

Keep it low has a long instrumental lead in and overall is quite a mixed bag. It maintains the elements from the first song but in a simpler narrower format, in line with the title is the song. However this is soon swapped for a harder rock style in both the vocals and guitar riffs (and there’s a few tasty ones at that).

The only real downside to the album is Orbit.  Purely instrumental, the long guitar notes lend it a space-like effect and it is a bit of a relief when the drums begin to kick in because it really does begin to just sound like white noise in your ear.   The long guitar notes are by far the most prominent and that’s mostly all you can hear as it’s hard to get over the white noise of it all.  It’s just over 3 and a half minutes in length and to be honest I would just skip straight past it.

Monkey’s Paw however lends a welcome change and keeps you listening. It’s very upbeat and rhythmic with a touch of swing to it and brings the energy higher then previously. This one is purely rock and in my opinion the best track on the album, though Ride The Snake is easily a good second.

Over all it’s definitely an easy listen, there’s some nice riffs and its really well constructed. It doesn’t challenge you but it does keep your ear tuned by shifting the style slightly with each song.  Take the last two songs for example, Into The Sun highlights again the stoner rock focus of this band with Ride The Snake shifting to simply solid rock. This shift between the two styles compliment each other well and keep you engaged.

So if you’re looking for an album with a solid rock influence but one you can throw on and relax to, then this could very easily be for you.

Review by Rowena Lamb