Houston & Crashdiet, With Serpentine, Vega & Miss Behaviour @ O2 Islington Academy by Jo Blackened

4th May 2011, Review & Photography by Jo Blackened – Altercarnated Photography

After covering so many metal bands lately, I fancied covering something completely different and seeing Houston & Crashdiet performing in London this week I couldn’t resist.
To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect, this isn’t really a genre I know much about but after checking out their myspaces’ I knew it would be a fun gig.

On arrival it was amusing to see the Guestlist line longer than the ticket one, but eventually we got in. It was then I realised the first band was already on, an early start for the venue tonight. Luckily I was able to get a few snaps of the first band as photo policy is ‘first three songs only’.

First band on was ‘Miss Behaviour’ a Melodic Hard Rock from Norrköping, Sweden.
I missed the first half of their set but they seemed to have good energy tonight, despite the small crowd they were playing to.

Coming to the end of their UK Tour these guys had great stage presence, playing tracks from their new album ‘Last Woman Standing’ which was just released this month.
Despite the small crowd these guys had a great response and the crowd clearly loved them.

Second band on was’Vega’. I’ve not heard of this band before & despite doing some searching online myspace/facebook it was impossible finding anything, so I have no idea where they are based or their music background.

There was a slight delay due to technical problems as they were supposed to come on stage to an instrumental intro but it seemed to have finished before the members arrived on stage, so they had to play it again but with the members finally on stage the intro kept going, which was actually quite amusing, with no-one really knowing what to do!
As I was taking photos I also noticed the bass player having technical probs with his lead, which kept falling out, but he managed to play well despite the annoyance.

I felt the band slightly lacked stage presence, with no interaction towards the crowd.
They did manage to pick up the energy towards the end of their set & tried to make up for the bad beginning, but the crowd’s reaction was great when they were finished so all was well in the end!

Third band on was Serpentine, who are based in Cardiff/Birmingham in the UK and after chatting to the guys they seem to be a really nice friendly bunch!

These guys had a really great stage presence; with all members posing great for the camera’s and they managed to keep the crowd’s energy up! From what I have heard from this band previously I’ve really liked, and glad I have got to see them live!
hey have recently got a new vocalist ‘Matt Black’ who managed to perform their old songs well, which isn’t always easy for a new vocalist! Their set seemed to go fast and they were definitely something different from tonight’s line-up but everyone seemed happy, so all was good!

They have a new album out later this year, which I look forward I will definitely give that a listen.

All the members had great energy tonight & interacted well with the crowd.

I wasn’t expecting there to be 5 bands on tonight, especially as I needed to get the last train home!
But it wasn’t long until Forth Swedish based band ‘Houston’ exploded onto the stage!

Coming on stage was vocalist ‘Hank Erix’ wearing a Boxing Robe to the theme of ‘Rocky’, there was no doubt these guys know how to put on a show!

Playing an awesome tight set, these guys have a fantastic stage presence, showing a close bond with each other, aswell as great chemistry, which was surprising considering the band only have two official members; ‘Hank Erix’, and ‘Freddie Allen’, with the other guys only joining for their tour.

They played great!
Also joining them on stage tonight was female vocalist ‘Emma Stockton Divine’ who joined them half way through their set to sing a duet with ‘Hank Erix’, which was pretty amazing.

With all the members bouncing off each other, and posing great for the photographers, the audience loved them and it was no surprise to see the venue becoming full, these guys were totally brilliant!
Towards the end of their set the band left with a bang; by firing silver paper into the air, which would’ve been a great way to have ended the night really, but there was still more to come!

Finally Crashdiet blasted onto the stage!
These Sleaze/Glam rockers from Sweden were totally fantastic and it was obvious from the crowds’ reaction that this was the band they were waiting to see.

With vocalist Simon “Simme” reminding me of 80’s ‘Billy Idol’ there is no doubt these guys know how to entertain the crowd!

he energy from these guys was amazing and this clearly reflected within the audiences’ reaction, with screams and cheers throughout their set with most of the fans singing along and clearly knowing all their songs!
Unfortunately due to the time and being determined to get the last train home I wasn’t able to watch their full set, but from what I did see really impressed me.

These guys are a band u have to see live and it is surprising seeing them play such a small venue as they really did deserve a larger audience, but this may have been down to them playing on a Wednesday night!
This is definitely one genre of music I need to expand on.

Leaving early also meant I had to turn down the after-party invite, and seeing the energy from the bands tonight, I bet it was a great one!