Houseparty of the Dead VI @ The Purple Turtle by Jo Blackened

Houseparty of the Dead VI, Film Premiere @ The Purple Turtle 16/11/2010,

Review & Photography by Jo Blackened
Altercarnated Photography

Presented by Paranoid Android Films
Starring: Paula Gilbert, Mark Edel-Hunt, Christie Emby, David Chrysanthou, Tom Carter, Brad Moore, Andromeda Godfrey, Sophie Wilkins, Lauren Wilkins, Rob Lacey, Rick Beenham, Belinda Peters
Screenplay & Directed by: Andy Edwards
Produced by: Rob Leese Jones,

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Houseparty of the Dead VI is about a group of young hopefuls who are trying to defend themselves from the Zombie Apocalypse, only to find that there are worse things in this world than Zombies…!
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I was really looking forward to the screening of this and was happy I was asked to bring my camera along to do photos.
Seeing as this was a zombie event I felt the need to dress-up, it doesn’t take much to convince me!
I soon realised that sitting on a London tube covered in blood and wearing red contacts may have not been the greatest idea but being London everyone had seen it all before and was too polite to stare…for too long anyway!

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On arrival the place was already packed and I could see zombies walking around everywhere, so I finally felt at home. The Purple Turtle is a lovely venue, small enough for the cosy atmosphere but large enough to host bands, performers and DJ’s.

Upstairs of the venue was delegated to the zombie make up artists, where my friends immediately rushed to, to get zombified! The make up was amazing, featuring the same make-up artists on the film sets and all make up was free to everyone.
The bar was open, the drinks were flowing and the atmosphere was amazing.
Everyone was looking forward to the film being shown & the performers and bands to begin.

The show opened with the two sexy girls ‘The Flirtinis’ opening with their seductive burlesque act, unfortunately due to traffic I missed this show hense no photos!

But next on was the band ‘Skeletons’ who describe themselves as a Hargore, Horror Alternative ‘whatthefuck’ Punk Band from Birmingham. They were great to open up with & despite being unsigned they had a great energy & managed to get the party started! I wish they had zombified themselves up as they did seem abit out of place with their jeans and cardigans, but the audience took to them well.

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After a short break Andy Edwards got on stage and personally welcomed everyone to the event, thanking everyone involved and the film was shown. I really did enjoy it!


I won’t say too much about it until its official release but I will say if you like low budget zombie movies shot right here in London and you have a thirst for blood and guts then you won’t be disappointed!

Ruby20Demure20(2) Ruby20Demure20(3) Ruby20Demure20(4)
Soon after the DJs took over and the sexy Sophia Disgrace took to the pole, enticing everyone with her dancing and climbing skills!
The dance floor was soon filled with zombie dancers, zombie puppets, the actors and film crew and of course the guests all having a boogie.

Ruby20Demure20(5) Ruby20Demure
With DJ’s ‘Chrissy B’ and Jon ‘La Horde’ Ford (Shoplifters) building up the atmosphere [pre-film] with a mix of dubstep, witch-house and other twisted sounds, whilst [post-film] Zombie Sunta (Xfm) and Liam “Facehugger” Young (NME) provided the tunes to get the Dead on the Dancefloor & dancing!

Skeletons20(2) Skeletons20(3)

After a good boogie tt was soon time for another band to take the stage, which was the band ‘The Incredible Bi-Girl’. A great Electro band with an amazing stage presence and energy. Having split up over 10 years ago now, this was a one-off comeback gig just for the show.


The vocalist was co-producer on Houseparty of the Dead 6, and the keyboardist composed all the music for the film under the name ‘Twilight Laboratory’. One of the guitarists now plays in a band called ‘Voodoo Six’, so it was great seeing them together again which was greatly received by the audience as the dancefloor was proving!

Skeletons20(5) Skeletons
Soon after the Dj’s took over again which kept the energy going and kept the time flying.

Sophia20Disgrace2020(2) Sophia20Disgrace20(3)
Sophia20Disgrace20(4) Sophia20Disgrace20(5)
Coming to an abrupt halt, the stage suddenly went all quiet and dark.
With confused looks on our faces, a dark scary clocked figure appeared and took to the stage. This was performer Ruby Demure (one half of the The Flirtinis)


A fantastic entrance to her performance she slowly dropped her cloak to revel her wearing a mask and a long white dress which he removed by cutting with a knife! Slowing undressing to perform a dark burlesque performance with large black fans and nipple tassels, which the audience loved.


Soon after it was back to the Dj’s for the final time, who slowly brought the night to an end.

I was disappointed to see the night over but being covered in blood and having one too many at the bar, I was happy to be getting a cab home!
The20Incredible20Bi-Girl20(2) The20Incredible20Bi-Girl20(3)
This was a fantastic night from the cast and crew and im happy to announce lots of film projects coming up in 2011 from the very talented Andy Edwards, with the next step for Houseparty of the Dead being a feature film!