Phoenix, Arizona’s Horse Head have teamed up today with Nine Circles in order to premiere their track “Destroyer Television”. The track is taken from their upcoming EP Missionary which is due out on September 25th 2015. 

Horse Head


The band’s style has been described as a cross between sludge and doom with a hint of blackened metal thrown in for good measure.

Listen to “Destroyer Television” here:

The band describes the track as follows:
“Destroyer Television” is about the world we see around us. Honestly, we’re sickened by it. I think it is fair to say that each of us are relatively antisocial, and for good reason. The lyrics begin, “I am forsaken and bereaved. Lemmings…”. The majority of people are so drastically influenced by popular culture that it ends up affecting their abilities to contribute to any progress. From the egotistical businessman who devotes his life to squeezing every cent out of the world and sees himself as some sort of god, to the pretentious activist who degrades others in the name of righteousness, it is a self-perpetuating cycle, a black hole, devouring what it can. Lemmings are an interesting rodent who, when their population’s carrying capacity exceeds its limits, shed some of their excess during migration in the form of many being drowned by each other as thousands cross a water obstacle all at once. We see most of our society in a similar light. The herd has become poisoned by its obsession with self-centeredness.”

About Horse Head:
Horse Head formed in 2011 after Chris Gisriel and a few other members dissolved the band Nataraja, allowing for a new project with Wilson Hensleigh as lead guitarist and Andrew Parker on the drums. A self-titled demo was released within about two years, which was well-received by the Arizona metal community and sparked more writing and live performances at a long list of venues in multiple Arizona cities. After the revolution of a few members, Horse Head reduced its ranks to three: Wilson Hensleigh, Andrew Parker, and Chris Gisriel. With the members’ musical roots being grounded in bands like Unsane, YOB, and Dragged Into Sunlight, the desire to create very heavy, yet relatively complex music began. Horse Head has shared the stage with such greats as Napalm Death, Today is the Day and Municipal Waste. Some of their most memorable shows, however, involved tiny homes, packed with doom-lovers, the neighborhood hearing the guitarist’s full stacks, drummer’s 26-inch kick drum, and vocalists unearthly screams from blocks away.

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