Horror Express (1973), Sarah Willoughby

Horror express and no I’m not going to be discussing the awful service on South West Trains.
No.Horror express was a 1973 horror classic starring the kings of Hammer-house horror, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing (The infamous pair who have starred against one another in many Dracula films, if you do remember).

This story is semi-complex as it follows anthropologist Alexander Saxton (Christopher Lee) returning home to Europe via a train journey from a Siberian Railway with a fossil- which is the frozen remains of a primitive humanoid that resembles somewhat of an ape-man.
It becomes obvious at the start that this frozen fossil is going to rise from the dead and terrorize the passengers on the train.
As soon as the train leaves the station, mysterious deaths occur where the victims lie lifeless with blank white eyes, dripping with blood and surprise-surprise the fossil has somehow risen from the dead and escaped captivity to pursue such killings.

Sounds like a simple plot to begin with but begins to get complex when Saxton (Lee) and Cushing (Cushing) carry out an autopsy on one of the victims. They discover that the brains of the victims were completely drained of both memory and their knowledge.
On top of all that they stumble upon an unusual discovery that the frozen fossil is harbouring images of a prehistoric earth as well as a view of the earth from outer space! So they finally come to the conclusion that it’s a mere alien inhabiting the body of the fossil.
(Now, I’m going to stop there otherwise I’m going to ruin the ending and all the little twists in between).

It’s a very odd story line for its time and despite being only a mere 90 minutes long, the film is very long drawn and seems dedicated to explaining the possibility of an alien life form possessing a fossil and carrying out senseless murders.
However I can’t stress enough that this is indeed a good horror to watch and catch up on the originals.
It’s creepy atmospheric suspense and cleverly placed camera angles will have you hiding under your bed sheets as you feel like you’re a distant passenger in the film, witnessing the gruesome killings first hand as you avoid staring at the creature who looks you dead in the eye as a way to inform you that you’re next on its list!

This film makes the orient express look like a petty tea party with a knife wielding killer, who really isn’t as terrifying compared to this supernatural beast.
Lets just end this review here and now by saying that a good old horror film will never die out!