Horned Almighty – World Of Tombs by Matt Bubbles

Band Name: Horned Almighty
Album Name: World Of Tombs
Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Scarlet Records
Distributor/label URL: http://www.scarletrecords.it/
Released: 2014
Buy Album [URL]: http://www.amazon.co.uk/World-Tombs-Horned-Almighty/dp/B00LSNZ9GI
Band Website: http://www.hornedalmighty.com/

World Of Tombs album cover
Horned Almighty – World Of Tombs
Band line-up:

S – Vocals
Hellpig – Guitars
Haxen – Bass
Harm – Drums


1. Intro
2. World Of Tombs
3. Diabolical Engines Of Torment
4. Unpure Salvations
5. Plague Propaganda
6. Of Flesh And Darkness
7. In Torture We Trust Pt II
8. This Unholy Dwelling
9. Blessed By Foulness
10. Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay (digipack bonus track)


Horned Almighty are dirty little beasts. They’ve been bombing around the scene for around twelve years, picking up influences from all over the place, a bit of Discharge here, a spot of Autopsy there, and this, their fifth full-length album, rolls along like a groovy, punk train filled with Black Metal, cherry picking bits and pieces from a few different genres and smashing it all together in a dreadfully pleasing way.

It’s ugly, as evidenced by the opening track (ignoring the intro. Intros are getting increasingly pointless, but I digress), ‘World Of Tombs’, which opens up with a brash, immediate groove, overlaid with a Death Metal roar that pretty much stamps on your forehead with a size 13 and leaves you in no way unsure about where this album is going to go. And go, it certainly does. There’s no real room to breathe here. Track 2, ‘Diabolical Engines Of Torment’ drops the groove and instead goes for a hyper, almost rockabilly punk sound, with S (Preaching & Hellfire) bellowing out the same brand of deathy vocals irrespective of whether the backing is groovy or punky or somewhere else.

It’s heavy, it’s noisy, and it’s obscene. And I love it to tiny little pieces. It all makes me want to rage around a dancefloor somewhere, spilling pints and upsetting the locals.

‘Blessed By Foulness’, the final track, mixes everything up, with Hellpig, Haxen and Harm (Guitars, bass and drums, respectively) rolling around and delivering a seven-minute epic that even slows down around the five minute mark. If you buy the digipack edition, you’ll even get a bonus track, a cover of Autopsy’s ‘Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay’ that stays faithful to the disgusting noise of the original, but still manages to punk everything up enough to make it fresh and invigorating.

Highly recommended. It’s not a perfect album, by any stretch, but Horned Almighty are certainly a group that like to stick to what works, and why blame them? It does work, each song sounds distinct and, ultimately, will give everyone headaches in the morning.

Review by Matt Bubbles