Holding Absence – Permanent/Dream of Me

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Sharptone Records
Distributor/label URL: sharptonerecords.co
Released: 2017
Buy Album [URL]: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/holding-absence/id1148561527
Band Website: https://en-gb.facebook.com/Holdingabsence/


Band Line-up:

Zac Vernon – Vocals
Feisal El-Khazragi – Guitar
Giorgio Cantarutti – Guitar
James Evans – Bass
Tom Fry – Drums


1. Dream of Me
2. Permanent



Holding Absence are a hardcore punk band who will soon be releasing a single album, with the songs ‘Dream Of Me’, and ‘Permanent’, on it. Is it any good? Yep. For a punk band, this band is surprisingly melodic, and their music is more varied in volume and rhythm than most. The singer’s voice is often very expressive and almost boyband-ish, though certainly not always. Imagine Westlife screaming their heads off, to heavy metal beats, ultra-distorted guitars, and intriguing song structures. This record is well worth a listen, for the sole reason it leads the genre into more progressive territories. But that’s not all; the music here is full of life, youthfulness and fun. However, this music may not be for you, if you like the more traditional harsh punk sounds, with an antisocial attitude. Holding Absence are very commercial, so don’t expect them to sing about anarchy, unlawful hedonism or whatever.

Review by: Simon the Mighty