Hexvessel – No Holler Temple by Wolf

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Svart Records

Band Line-up:
Vocals/Guitar: Mat Mcnerney
Guitars: Vesa
Lead Guitars: Simo
Bass: Niini
Violin: Kimmo
Organs/Samples: Jussi
Drums: Jukka
Additional vocals and percussion: Marja

Heaven and Earth Magic
Woods to Conjure
Wilderness is
A Letter in Birch Bark
Elegy to Goyahkla
His Portal Tomb
Are You Coniferous?
Sacred Marriage
Dues to the Dolmen
Unseen Sun
Your Head is Reeling

Its here!! One of the weirdest albums you’ll ever buy and it’s by psychedelic folk group Hexvessel!! A follow up to their debut album Dawnbearer. And what a follow up, with a mixture of exquisite tones from start to finish, it’s no wonder this band are highly sought after.

Hexvessel was founded by Englishman Mat Mcnerney after moving to finland back in 2009. There he met other musicians that shared his taste for psychedelic folk. Very strong spiritualist this band follow the teachings of the occult. But to be honest as strong pagan believers who follow the forest spirit, Sagan, it’s very much reflected in No Holler temple.

The first track grips you in straight away as Mat and Marja speak their way through Heaven and Earth Magic with Simo strumming away hauntingly in the background. But even as Marja and Mat finish their haunting chant, it melds you into what is to come from the rest of the album as the hauntingly chilling Woods to Conjure begins to play.

The guitar in this sends shivers down your spine, but Mat really gives you goose bumps. What really does it for this album are the different sounds going on, with the excellent use of the violin and the haunting sounds of the organ, thanks Kimmo and Jussi. And with Marjas different percussion alternating in the back, it’s hard to keep up.

Unseen Sun is this albums epic track, and at 13 minutes 22 seconds, it’s hard to skip as the track just leaves you wanting to hear more.

So whether you’re stoned or not this is definitely on hell of a follow up, definitely worth a listen for any psych fan.