Hexis – Tando Ashanti

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/Label: Halo of Flies
Distributor/Label URL: http://halooffliesrecords.com
Released: April 2017
Buy Album [URL]: hexisband.bandcamp.com
Band Website: http://hexisband.net/

Band Line – up:

Filip Anderson – Vocalshexis
Victor Kaas  – Guitar and Bass
Tomasso Rey – Drums




A mixture of Hardcore and Black, both Post and Doomy is how Hexis, from Copenhagen, describe themselves, and who am I to argue?
Not being a huge fan of the whole Hardcore genre myself I approached this album with maybe just a tad bit of apprehension, what I got was a pleasant surprise.

First and foremost these guys excel at creating a wall of noise that is both brutal and mesmerising. Chaotic to be sure but also clear enough to actually make some sort of sense. Do not be under the illusion that this music is for the weak of heart, because it could clearly stop a pacemaker at, well, ten paces. The vicious uncompromising nastiness of the highest form is the order of the day here, and they do it well.

The song names, although simple in nature seem to be derived from Latin, and well duh you may say but they fit the mood perfectly – “Molestus” (troublesome, worrying), “Opacus” (not clear, hard to see through), “Calamitas” (misfortune or disaster) to name a few all make perfect sense once you have committed your ears to the bludgeoning that ensues, but again the music is strangely hypnotic, almost gentle in an odd sort of way, music to soothe and comfort the bleakest of souls.

“Cordolium” (grief, sorrow) is up there at the most wretched, as is “Resurrectio” (no prizes for guessing – to rise again), utterly brilliant. Closing number “Praesagium” (a sense of foreboding) digs into your mind like a brain eating worm that has somehow convinced you that it’s all going to be okay, just don’t resist me.

I am convinced. Be hypnotized, mesmerized and blown away by this album. The brain worm and you will ultimately benefit, and maybe even become pals. Disclaimer – I don’t actually speak Latin so I may have misinterpreted the meaning of the songs, but I think the intention is there.

Reviewed by The Great Mackintosh