Hells Kitchen @ Newark By Cherry Q

Kitchen Lounge located in Newark is an experience worth having by all. Upon walking into the place you are greeted with an eclectic mix of pin ups and NJ Devils memorabilia. The set up gives you the choice of bar or lounge seating, with the lounge providing the added delight of bench seating around the walls with animal print pillows for your comfort.
One regular told me that she comes there every Wednesday “Its conveniently placed and drinks are fairly priced.” So naturally my next destination was the bar. The bartender was courteous and when I inquired about the drink specials he was more than happy to repeat them a second time. $4 margaritas, $6 Grey Goose and Patron, and $2 Bud and Coors drafts.

The Passion Fruit margarita was a pleasant mix of sour and sweet without the over powering taste one might find in other drinks. The theme of the night was an 80’s reboot with DJs Ash and Aengel. Both Djs spun wonderful sets combining popular with the not so well known of the 80’s genre.

DJ Aengel as always was friendly and talkative in between sets. His plan to dress as an Avatar for Halloween and the predicament at the lack of butt covering material in the costume got a lot of laughs. All in all a wonderful place and a wonderful experience. However if 80’s isn’t your idea of a good time Hells Kitchen has weekly events to satisfy everyone.

Movie night Mondays, Burlesque Thursdays, and Karaoke Wednesdays. Tuesdays SIN-Dustry night brings out the kid in you with Rock Band, Jenga, and an assortment of other games. Also for the frat kid in you theres Beer Pong and Flip Cup. As another regular told me “No matter what night you come theres good music and good people.

The environment is so relaxed and everyone respects each other.” Additionally Hells Kitchen has of course a kitchen where if you come for happy hour from 3-7 you get a choice of discount appetizers and drafts, and for those of you who can wake up before noon on the weekends brunch is offered. So whether your just having dinner and drinks, or are looking for a fun night out Hells Kitchen can provide it any day or night of the week.

Hells Kitchen
150 Lafayette Street
Newark NJ