Heaven Shall Burn – Wanderer

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Century Media Records
Distributor/label URL: http://www.centurymedia.com/
Released: 2016
Buy Album [URL]: http://www.cmdistro.de/Item/Heaven_Shall_Burn_-_Wanderer_-Standard_CD_Jewelcase-/2803
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/officialheavenshallburn/?fref=ts


Band line-up:
Eric Bischoff – Bass
Maik Weichert – Guitars
Marcus Bischoff – Vocals
Alexander Dietz – Guitars
Christian Bass – Drums
  1. The Loss of Fury
  2. Bring the War Home
  3. Passage of the Crane
  4. They Shall Not Pass
  5. Downshifter
  6. Prey to God
  7. My Heart is my Compass
  8. Save Me
  9. Corium
  10. Extermination Order
  11. A River of Crimson
  12. The Cry of Mankind (My Dying Bride cover)


I’ll be brutally honest with you here: I’m not a fan of Deathcore. It’s one of those Metal genres that just doesn’t seem to throw up anything of substance no matter how hard the bands try to do something original. It’s become very stale in my eyes and it is a true rarity that I discover a band I actually like. And that discovery was made only a few years ago in the shape of the German band: Heaven Shall Burn; and I think the only reason I got into them was because their output has always had elements of Melodic Death Metal present in their Core associated repertoire.

This band are political and outspoken, something I always look out for in a Death Metal group. And I don’t think that output has dampened on this, their eighth studio album: WANDERER. All the anger and vicious rage a young person can hold towards the mundane idiocy of current life is rife on every track. ‘Bring the War Home’ has hints of Dissection’s later work and had me thinking of  Dark Mother Divine and the like, but it’s a raging stab at conformity which I love to hear whenever I’m beginning to question why I got into this music in the first place.

‘The Shall Not Pass’ has European Metal written all over it with a nice gallop of drums and bass and I couldn’t help thinking the song was a piece of anti-fascism with vocalist Marcus Bischoff shouting ‘never again’. Recent activities in Germany and across Europe did spring to mind and I think this band were expressing their anxieties at what might be round the corner if history is to repeat itself.

All in all, the themes haven’t been lost, and I was quite happy with the darkness employed to give this album the Death label it deserves. It ends on a very decent My Dying Bride cover. A piece of classic Death/Doom given out with the Death signature of the band left in tact and the song hasn’t been murdered in the slightest.

Though it’s not a mindblowing nor wholly impressive release. At times the songs do tend to sound samey and you can predict what the outcome and expression will be so there are the odd stale parts found here and there, but I wouldn’t bash this album and say it’s terrible. It’s good but not excellent. Heaven Shall Burn know what they’re doing and have done so for a while so I don’t think a radical change in direction was expected on this release.

Review by Demitri Levantis