Hatebreed @ Impericon Festival, London

3rd May 2015
Review by Sabrina Selkis

After playing Manchester and before heading to Paris, London is treated to Impericon Festival, a 9 days tour involving bands like Emmure, Bless The Fall and Headlined by Detroit’s finest Hatebreed.



I am not sure it is necessary to present Hatebreed again but here we go: formed in 1994, the American Metalcore band has released 7 albums to date, the latest one being “The Concrete Confessional” via Nuclear Blast. Fronted by Jamey Jasta on vocals, the band includes Chris Beattie, Bass, Wayne Lozinak and Frank Novinec , Guitars, and Matt Byrne, Drums. They have toured with Slipknot, Slayer, Napalm Death, Mastodon to name only a few.

With their heavy brutal sound and motivational lyrics, Hatebreed has been keeping a solid base of fans over the years. So this is why I am surprised to see a rather empty venue tonight.

There is no specific answer as to why the London date pulled in way less people than other dates on the Impericon Festivals tour. Some said the venue, some said the mix of bands, some said ‘because it’s a Tuesday’, some said it’s because fans are saving money for the many festivals coming up. Whatever was the reason, Hatebreed didn’t disappoint anyway, and rendered this an amazing live show as always.

I couldn’t make it before Hatebreed’s stage time  due to work commitment so I can’t speak about the support bands. Now I’m not gonna hide it, I’m a sucker for Hatebreed, and whatever people say I am totally a fan. I listen to Jasta’s podcast and he even admitted he didn’t quite understand why tonight was half full, but nonetheless it was a great gig.

They get on stage and break straight into “Destroy Everything”-  it couldn’t have been more brutal!

I wish I wrote the whole set list as it goes but I was way too busy singing, jumping and headbanging. I made my way to the front row, which was my holy mission for the night. As Jamey Jasta would say, I wanted my “Loud Amps In The Face” and I got them!

The band played tight, the guitars were heavy, the drums pounding, and Jamey didn’t give the crowd a minute to rest!

This is how I like  to experience Hatebreed, so close you can sing back the lyrics, growl and lose yourself.

The concert finishes, the fans are exhausted and sweaty but all have such a grin on their faces. It felt intimate tonight due to less people but one good thing is we had space to make a moshpit!

Till next time Hatebreed.