Hash7 Event at the Underworld, Camden

Review by James Dunn
Photography by Jo Blackened – Altercarnated Photography

After a little bit of mood music (plenty of metal to get one in the right frame of mind), the first band gets going at a relatively early 8 o’clock start.


Compared by the promoters at Hash7 which is something a bit different for an Underworld gig and which I feel cheapens the experience and should be left to pub gigs, never the less we are told that this band has travelled a long way to be here and to give a big hand for “Black Magic”. Unfortunately for these boys from Hartlepool, the 20 or so people in the venue to see them could not make enough noise to carry very far. It is such a shame and the early bird does indeed catch the worm, late arrivals a missing a real treat. I never understood why you would pay hard earned money to see half a show. Admittedly it is rather early.

Black magic
Black20Magic20(3) Black20Magic20(2) Black20Magic20(4)
Immediately I notice a groove like Stoner Metal. Vocalist Rick Snowdon’s soulful voice reminds me of the more melodic Grunge era, kinda gravely but very in tune and with a wide range. Musically they are very tight and quite riff based reminds me of early Sabbath. Its a very good blend of old school simplicity with a heavy modern sound, great for anyone into Rock, Stoner or Grunge. The crowd had at least doubled in size before the end of their set but a little more advertising would have been beneficial for the night as a whole. I would like to see this band again higher up on the bill.


I’ve lost count of how many times i have seen Brutai play and they just keep getting better.
Brutai20(2) Brutai20(3) Brutai20(4)

Virgins to the underworld stage and I don’t know how it has taken this long for them to appear here. With the intent to enjoy the gig and like Pros I am sure they will leave their mark. In-front of a “Brutai” banner backdrop they walk on stage and start their set off at a still relatively early 8:50 pm.


By this time there is a sizeable amount of people here to see them play but it is still a little too roomy in this venue. As always they are Tight as fuck. They draw their strengths from guitar harmonies, guitar solos, lots of chugging riffs, fast riffs, beat down riffs and technical excellence. Felix’s blend of aggressive barking with mellow chanting coupled with how he Encourages the audience to sing and mosh make him a strong frontman. Songs like Epiphany (Michael’s Bass intro under Felix and Henry’s Guitar harmony) and One on One are obvious crowd pleasers. Enjoyment and passion is clearly seen in the music that they play with a humble approach. I am sure they will move on to still greater achievements.

A Thousand Yells.
Thousand20Yells20(2) Thousand20Yells20(3) Thousand20Yells20(4)
A thousand Yells appear to have their shit together. They have a self released album “afterlife” available for download from their website, a reasonable following and they have set the stage up for a dramatic entrance. Everything has gone dark and you can see the silhouettes of two guitarists and a bass player in-front of a drum kit. Some dark industrial music starts to play in the background.

All of a sudden the lights go up, the first song starts playing and frontman Kevin South jumps on stage from out of nowhere. Some might say it is a bit cheesy but it did look quite good and its all a bit of fun. This again is why i am not so sure about having a compare at bigger venues as it spoils the impact of intros a little bit.

The music on the whole has a slight Pop feel making it sound a little more commercially viable than some of the other bands playing tonight. Very tight and Heavy but what gave me the Pop impression was how catchy they are.

It has been an enjoyable evening although a little brief. A Thousand Yells have finished their set and it is time to go home but no one seems to want to, quite yet. All revved up and wanting more after having seen three great heavy bands tonight., maybe because it was midweek or maybe due to it being the day before pay day?

What ever the reason, it is still a shame there wasn’t a larger turn out for these bands, I for one am glad I did not miss out on this event!