Hard rock from Poland – DUM DUM – released their first demo !

DUM DUM is a five-member band whose aim is to play tough-minded music and perform energetic live gigs. They’re deeply rooted in Hard Rock / Thrash Metal, and their music style shows that DUM DUM likes experimenting with the composition using classical arrangement of instruments.
It all began in 2010, when the lead guitarist decided to start his own band, literary forcing his cousins to play with him although they hadn’t known what it was all about. He claimed that they were well prepared for it.
They started from scratch working hard and putting lots of effort into mastering their skillls to give their first live performance based on covers.
The band today consists of the vocalist, Piotr Piekiełko, the bass quitarist, Zbigniew Piekiełko, the lead guitarist, Tomasz Jończyk, the rhythm guitarist, Jakub Okrzesik, and the drummer, Mateusz Orlicki.
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Now they play their own music taking advantage of the great potential they have. On the web you can listen to their stuff to see how the above opinion reflects the reality.