Hanzel und Gretyl – Fur Immer by Rick Ecker

Rating: 4 / 5
Distributor/label: Metropolis Records

Band line-up:
Kaiser Von Loopy: Guitars & Vocals
Vas Kallas: Guitars & Vocals

Track listing:
1. More German Than German (KyzrWolf Remix)
2. Unterstutzung 87 (KyzrWolf Remix)
3. Blitzkriegerz und Hellriderz (KyzrWolf Remix)
4. Hammerzeit (KyzrWolf Remix)
5. Der Furor (KyzrWolf Remix)
6. Born to be Heiled (KyzrWolf Remix)
7. Holy Shiza (KyzrWolf Remix)
8. Motorschwein (KyzrWolf Remix)
9. I’m Movin’ to Deutschland (KyzrWolf Remix)
10. IronStar Outlaws (KyzrWolf Remix)
11. Hanzel und Gretyl Fur Immer (KyzrWolf Remix)

Last year, “Germanophile” duo Hanzel und Gretyl released, Born To Be Heilied, and now they have a companion piece, Fur Immer, a remix collection taking the songs to a more electronic style all remixed by KyzrWolf (Kaiser Von Loopy). This new twist has given the band a nice dance floor vibe that will be sure to get played in clubs around the world.

While some fans may not be as excited to hear the more electronic style on here instead of the harder, more metal sounding original, if they have open minds and want to have a great time letting go, these remixes are still hard-edged and retain the energy of the originals.

A few tracks did nothing for me, “I’m Movin’ To Deutschland” was too effect laden and “IronStar Outlaws” sounded like a bad country and western cartoon. The rest of the songs have great beats and a definite sense of direction that those other songs are lacking and really get your head bobbing and your feet moving.

While not a total victory in the remixes, this still has more than enough going for it to be a purchase that you will be playing for years to come since they didn’t get too trendy on the remixes, but kept it more along the lines of more classic sounds. Fans will want to pick this one up and play it loud and often and this will really get people dancing in your local club.

Band Website: www.hanzelundgretyl.com