Hands of Orlac – Figli Del Crepuscolo

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Horror Records
Released: November 13th, 2014
Buy Album URL: http://horrorrecords.bandcamp.com/album/figli-del-crepuscolo
Band Website: https://myspace.com/orlachands

handoforlac_figlidelcrepuscoloBand Line-up:

The Sorceress – Vocals
The Templar – Bass
The Puritan – Guitars
The Clarvoyant – Drums
Alex Moraitas – Guitars


1 – Filgi Del Crepuscolo
2 – Last Fatal Drop
3 – Burning
4 – A Coin In The Heart
5 – Nocturna
6 – A Ghost Story
7 – Mill Of The Stone Woman


OK, so I know it’s not Halloween anymore but it’s time to talk Sorcery! Well it’s hard not to when the lead singer of the band goes by the name, ‘The Sorceress’. Joining The Sorceress are The Templar, The Puritan,The Clairvoyant and Alex….mate you need to get in on the stage name act here I think. This demonic gathering of individuals make up Italian doom mongers Hands of Orlac and ‘Figli Del Crepuscolo’ (Children of the Nightfall) is the bands first full length follow up to their 2011 debut. With subject matter heavily influenced by Italian horror cinema, the band remain rooted in the gothic realms of doom metal and do you know what? They are bloody good at it!

With The Sorceress plying here dulcet tones and flute based witchery throughout, it is difficult to not draw comparisons between Hands of Orlac and the like of Blood Ceremony. Whilst the flute playing and vocal tones of the leading lady are very similar to that of Blood Ceremony, I believe there are certain aspects of this band that set them apart from their Canadian counterparts.
For one I think that the Iron Maiden-esque duel guitars of The Puritan and Alex Moraitas give the band a more ‘metal’ edge than other bands of this ilk. Most notably in the solo’s on tracks like ‘Burning’ and ‘Nocturna’. These guitar solo’s would be more at home in the likes of Maiden or Saxon, yet they work really well in the midst of this creepy back drop.

There is a temptation for bands like Hands of Orlac to play every track at a slow pace, to add to the doomyness of their doom. This is something that is not totally absent on this album, however the band don’t seem to be shy of upping the tempo. Again I think this works really well and suits the approach from the guitarists. Check out track six, ‘A Ghost Story’ to see what I mean. This track also goes very ‘Maiden’ as the tempo rises.

I really did enjoy this album a lot. Upon first my listen I found comparisons to Blood Ceremony hard to get past, however as I got more into it and listened a few more times, I am starting to think they have a bit more in common with Ghost B.C. With the elaborate stage names, ghoulish themes and The Sorceress conducting the band like a cross between Papa Emeritus and Debbie Harry, Hands of Orlac bring a bit more ‘metal’ to doom.

Review by Mark Hunter