Gypsy Pistolero – Forever Wild, Beautiful and Damned by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Heavy Metal Records
Released: 2012

Band Line-up
Iggie Pistolero – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Dani Pistolero – Vocals
Jeff Pistolero – Drums/Backing Vocals
Kenny K Doll – Bass/Backing Vocals

Album Track listing
1. Living Down With the Gypsies
2. Senor Mangi Acqui
3. Living La Vida Loca
4. Un Hombre Sin Rostro
5. Sangra de Las Roses
6. Una Para Todo es Bandito
7. Hotel de La Muertos
8. Son Illusiones
9. Shotgun Kiss is ay Que Dolor
10. Forver is Para Siempre
11. Moonchild
12. Switchblade
13. Ballad of a Broken Angel
14. 1 2 3 4 Kiss me then I’m Damned For Sure

Since the early stages of their career in Spain, with a support slot to Alders Appetite in 2006, Gypsy Pistolero have been creating some serious waves across America and Europe with their Latin infused glam rock hybrid that has seen them play 5 consecutive Roklahoma festivals. Since being signed to Heavy Metal Records in 2011, their record Forever Wild, Beautiful and Damned is set to be the milestone in their career.

Opening with a Spanish acoustic vibe of ’Living Down With the Gypsies’ the eccentric drumming vibrant solos burst out with high pitched vocals. The guitar riffs charge onward with lead guitar slicing through the verse section whilst the ecstatic drum pace remains consistent throughout.

Continuing with, Senor ‘Mangi Acqui’, which comes with a hard rock bass line and backing vocals, the track leans towards the classic vocal wailing of glam rock, it they do this with a serious kick.

The lead guitar intro of ‘Sangre De Las Rosas’ is a standout with plenty of guitar melodies, that give everything a ballad like quality while the vocals ride over with clarity and precision with brass instrumentation playing in the back ground.

As the record plays out you get a strong dose of diversity with the acoustic transition in ‘Un Hombre Sin Rostro’ and the hard rock edge of Son illusiones’.

The standout, ‘Moonchild’ strums out in full vibrancy with daring riffs, vocal harmonies and weight driven bass leaking into the spotlight. The track plays out well and breaks down into some neo-classical acoustic guitar section which then builds back up slowly with muddy riffs and echoed vocals.

Meanwhile, the strongly resonate Latin sound of ‘Switchblade Kiss’ charges onwards and remains one of the album’s most tangible and catchy songs that is geared by the impressive drum work and builds as the guitar solo takes flight propelling to exuberant heights.

Final word, this was quite refreshing listen and in a genre where so many bands sound similar to each other their was definitely something quite refreshing about the kind of sound these guys have got going on. Each song feels different comes with enough explosive energy to blow their peers out of the water.