Gutterdämmerung @ London Palladium, London

Live at the London Palladium, 27 April 2017
Review by Sabrina Selkis

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I still don’t know how to pronounce this… oh well!

Termed as a silent movie, it couldn’t be further from the truth; This is the loudest B movie on earth!

This Rock film/gig concept came from the twisted mind of Belgian-Swedish Bjorn Tagemose starring Iggy Pop, Henry Collins, Slash, Grace Jones, Lemmy, Jesse Hughes, Tom Araya, Mark Lanegan, Volbeat, Josh Homme, Justice and Nina Hagen.

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The story is… how can I put it… once upon an evil time, a punk angel played by Iggy Pop was bored and decided to resend the holy grail of evil on earth – The Guitar.

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To this day I am still not sure if I like it or not, so instead of writing an ode to Gutterdämmerung, I’m going to say this, it was odd.

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Gutterdämmerung has all the obvious components of a stellar success but why wasn’t I that impressed?

As I mentioned earlier, this is not a silent movie, all the characters bloody talk! So the promotion was kinda based on a lie. In a way that’s a plus as it shows most of the actors clearly overacting which in itself was hilarious! Gotta love bad acting.

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One aspect I particularly enjoy was the cinematography, done by Bjorn Tagemose. The black&white movie is beautifully shot, the aesthetic is very pleasing, almost soothing for some reasons as each shot is perfectly composed.

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Now, about the live band, they are good musicians, rendering good versions of Black Sabbath, Rammstein, Slayer etc. Visually the band looked better behind the movie curtain, making the whole immersive experience more interesting by seeing them through the movie when lights were on them. But that didn’t last long and as they came in front of the movie more and more throughout the film.

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All in all, it was interesting to see Gutterdämmerung but the immersive part was quite weak. Something more was needed to make this great concept have a higher impact. It could be due to the big stage of the Palladium…or not.

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I forgot to mention the opening band Steak Number Eight, a post rock group from Belgium, it was a pleasure to see them perform again, Brent Vanneste has a lot of talent and charisma, and joins the Gutterdämmerung band for the last song and a tribute to Lemmy to finish the show.

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