God Module – Séance by Jo Blackened

Jasyn Bangert
Clint Carney
Courtney Bangert


1. Ouija
2. Devil’s Night
3. Plastic
4. Doppelganger
5. M.D.K.
6. Extinct
7. Rituals
8. Into the Outside
9. Video
10. Remember
11. Fake Fame
12. Afraid of the Light

God Module are a Horror industrial/Black Electro/Murder Wave /Spooky Dance/Devil Music from Seattle, Washington – Los Angeles, California who have a strong 12-year career and have now just released their 10th album ‘Séance’.

God Module have always been able to combine of mixture in their songs including harsh techno, darkwave with industrial music and have always been a favourite band of mine. With their pounding beats this is a band who have always been able to get me up on the dancefloor and this album is no exception!

I wouldn’t say this is one of their best releases and the band seem to be playing it safe and haven’t exactly done anything super special or different that hasn’t been heard before but although I prefer the darker/harsher stuff when it comes to industrial music, this album has some great tracks on it, and I was pretty impressed throughout with the album ending on a high with a great track.

Jasyn Bangert Quotes:
“I think listening to my music should give people the feeling of hearing their friends being eaten by monsters as they dance in a dark cemetery and realize they have an overwhelming need to fuck someone or something to death”

With great techno, industrial sounds & great lyrics this is definitely an album that would keep me on the dancefloor all night!