God Module – False Face by Ellen Norvang

Rating: 3/5
Distributor: Reybee
Label: Metropolis Records

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Band Line-up:

Jasyn Bangert
Andrew Pearson
Derek “Obscuri” Mick


01. A Good Night To Die
02. Black And Blue
03. Nothing But Mine
04. False Face
05. Hating How We Love
06. Through The Noise
07. Destroy The day
08. Faith Is Fragile
09. Sky Shut Down
10. The Mark



American act, God Module, have been contributing to the gothic industrial scene since the late 90´s.
The band´s latest release still maintains the roots in the dark electronic genre, but it is a poppy product God Module delivers.

‘False Face’ contains catchy hook lines and danceable tracks that would please most fans of the genre.
It is a simple recipe and maybe a tad too corny at times. “False Faces” is fascinating and knows how to handle to genre and grab it by every cliché, but even so and even though the record contains catchy tunes they tend to be easy to forget as soon as the tracks finish.

The harsh vocals and recognisable beats are not new takings on the genre and it leaves the record in a lukewarm place. It becomes an album for the masses and not the curious or seeking adventurer.

This album is definitely not bad in any way, but it is for sure no masterpiece either and tends to become just filler on the dancefloor.

Review by Ellen Norvang