Goatwhore @ La Respuesta, San Juan, Puerto Rico

6th August 2013
Review by by Dennis Rivera
Photography by Fran Jaume

On June 8, NOLA black/thrashers Goatwhore performed on Puerto Rico’s current Metal House La Respuesta. Along with them, the local bands: Doomlord, Zafakon and Dementium had the task to fulfill a crowd hungry for metal, produced by Bloodstained World Entertainment.

The show started around 9:30 and the first band on stage was Doomlord.

The band is formed by El Nerudas (vocals), Kevin Rosado (guitar), Pedro Candelaria (guitar), Athelknatch Saldat (bass) and Joshua Lopez (drums).

The band described them as power/doom metal combines classic heavy metal elements along with dark and heavy doom metal sections, giving a sound that can be similar to the Black Sabbath’s Dio Era, Savatage or maybe something like Candlemass.

The band took the stage with a lot of energy and dynamism. This band got an excellent group of musicians some of them known for been part of other great bands in the past, Joshua Lopez also drummer for Cabal and Athelknatch Saldat was former bassist for Sepulchral. Kevin Rosado and Pedro Candelaria are a great duo on guitars, their heavy riffing and melodies gave a lot of power to the band. Altheknatch is a great bassist, he adds some punch and his charisma and energy always maintains the crowd entertained.

Nerudas got a good stage presence; his vocals skills have improved from the last time I saw them. They play a new song “Ánimam Possessionem” and also they were continue to record for their upcoming dvd. In a certain point Pedro had some issues with the guitar but it was fixed quickly.

The band did a good performance; this band has a lot of potential, but at the time there were just a few spectators in the crowd.

Doomlord setlist:
They Must Die
Death Penalty
Ánimam Possessionem
Evil Rises Again
Black Testament

Next on stage was Zafakon.
This band is one of those bands that work hard and that really is paying off. The Death/Thrash band from San Juan Puerto Rico took advantage of this opportunity to make the official cd release for their new album: “Drug as a War”. Zafakon performed mostly all the songs from the new album like: “Drug as a War”, “In Resistance”, “The Call of Winslow” and “Summoning the Vortex” which features Joel Grind vocals on the cd.

The band took the stage dressed up like garbage collectors and the stage was set up with the “War as a Drug” CD art banners. The band played a solid set set.

Marcus voice was menacing and solid. Rafa contributes to the aggression with some nice solos and huge sound. Weslie covered up the Joel Grind parts in “Summoning the Vortex” which was the more straight forward song of the new material.

Nicko is a great at drummer, with a lot of power that gives that “in your face” attitude to the band.

By this time the place was more crowed, the people enjoyed the show, some of them were headbanging and moshing with Zafakon tunes. Zafakon is: Marcus Veit(Guitar/Vocals), Weslie J. Negrón(Bass Guitar),Rafael Romero (Lead Guitar) and Nicolás Burgos (Drums)

Zafakon Setlist:

War As A Drug
In Resistance
Collateral Slavery
The Call of Winslow
Summoning the Vortex
Slain By Treason

Dementium was the last of the local bands to hit the stage.

This band represents the new generation of thrash bands from Puerto Rico. Heavily influenced by bands like: Kreator, Sodom and early Sepultura, these guys can really rock the stage.

Fast and violent riffs, accompanied by Randy’s raspy voice created a perfect environment for destruction.

The addition of Jose “Chewy” Correa from Organic gave a new life to the band.

Chewy uses his mastery in bass to give the band a more solid and brutal sound. Cristian also on guitar showed his talented with some fast attacks and awesome solos.

Bryan on drums is always there, constant, always keeping the speed attack with the guys. These guys are really talented and assure to keep alive the Puerto rican thrash metal.
Dementium is: Randy Fuentes (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Cristian Martinez (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Bryan Perez (Drums) and Jose “Chewy” Correa (Bass)

Dementium setlist:
Thrash In Command
Welcome To Dementia
Dead Man’s Society
There Will Be Blood
Massive Assault
Chaos Nightmare
Beyond The Claws Of Death
Goatwhore is up next!
The place is finally packed awaiting for la “PUTA CABRA” as the fans chant them in Spanish.

The band didn’t waste any time starting their set with a lot of aggression, opening the show with the song “Collapse in Eternal Worth” also the first track of their new album: “Blood for the Master”, followed by “Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult”.
The band’s blackened thrash riffs and the contagious charisma of Ben Falgoust energized the crowd, making then throw some fists to the air and headbang with the music. The music was loud and furious, like a freight train out of control.
Ben took control of the crowd from the beginning to the end, adding some jokes between songs to keep them in contact with the band. I got to say that his presence is great, his look, with the leather gauntlets, bullets belt, theatrical performance and his vocal power can maybe one of the best front man in metal today. Sammy Duet experienced a little trouble with the guitar but that didn’t stop him of giving and clinic on the fretboard.

James was solid on bass; it can be distinguish easily from the guitar and gave a lot of power.
Zack is a juggernaut on drums, his double pedal was so fast and constant it was ridiculous.

The band simply destroyed the stage, simply one of the best live acts today. Goatwhore played some tracks from the album “Blood for the Master” like: “When Steel and Bone Meet”, “In Deathless Tradition”, “An End to Nothing” and more. Also played some songs from others albums like: “Carving out the eyes of God” and “In Legions, I Am Wars of Wrath”. They even dedicated one of the songs to the past Jeff Hanneman.

The band played 24 songs, almost an hour and a half of nonstop playing.

To close the show the band played the Celtic Frost cover: “Into the Crypts of Rays” and “Apocalyptic Havok”.

As always after the show the band took time to share with the fans. I talked with Sammy and James and they told me that this was one of the longest sets they have ever played, so we really got a great treat by the band.

Goatwhore setlist:
Collapse in Eternal Worth
Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult
Parasitic Scriptures of the Sacred Word
The All-Destroying
Provoking the Ritual of Death
Carving Out the Eyes of God
In the Narrow Confines of Defilement
The Serpent That Enslaves What Is Worshipped
When Steel and Bone Meet
Nocturnal Holocaust
Baptized in a Storm of Swords
Death to the Architects of Heaven
Blood Guilt Eucharist
Beyond the Spell of Discontent
In Legions, I Am Wars of Wrath
Sky Inferno
Embodiment of This Bitter Chaos
In Deathless Tradition
Judgement of the Bleeding Crown
To Mourn and Forever Wander Through Forgotten Doorways
An End to Nothing
Into the Crypts of Rays (Celtic Frost cover)
Apocalyptic Havoc