Gloson – Yearwalker

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Independent
Released: 2014

glosonBand Lineup:

Kristoffer    Bass, Vocals
Mikael    Guitars
Christian    Guitars, Vocals
Anders    Guitars, Vocals


1) Årsgång
2) Sirens
3) The End/Aftermath
4) Aftermath/Beginning



From the murky depths of Halmstad, Sweden come Gloson bringing with them a particularly vicious Sludge sound on their debut EP “Yearwalker”.

The opening track “Årsgång” thunders forth with Neurosis-esque dissonance, stomping away with globular intensity like a slow motion sidewinder. It is followed by “Sirens”, which sadly cannot equal the standard reached by the opener. Alas, it is rather dull and a touch monotonous.

Thankfully standards improve with “The End/Aftermath” which is heavier than an elephant’s nether regions (not that I’ve checked!)

The EP is rounded off with “The Aftermath/Beginning”. With it’s warm melodies and elegance it provides a pleasing counterpoint to the bleak landscapes painted by the other songs.

“Yearwalker” is a decent release. Although dull, and a bit derivative in places there is enough promise on show to suggest that Gloson will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

Review by Owen Thompson