Gloria Story – Greetings From Electric Wasteland

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Wild Kingdom
Distributor/label URL:
Released: 2015
Filip Rapp Vocals
Fredrik Axelsson Guitars, Backing VocalsGloria Story
Carl Ahlander Guitars
Jocke Rang Bass, Backing Vocals
Henrik Siberg Drums
1.Beast of a Northern light
2.Bang Band (Pull The Trigger)
3.Look Left, Walk Right
4.Whiteman Blues
5.Cardinal Sin
7.Electric Wasteland
8.Crusty Pie
9.Down to the Liquor Store
10.Hold Me Tonight
11.I Would Die (If You Wanted)

Following from the second album Born To Lose, Gloria Story has delivered their third studio album titling Greetings From Electric Wasteland. Development of this album has been nearly a year, so lets see if the planning and precision from this Swedish quintet has been worth the wait.

The album starts off with Greetings From Electric Wasteland and what a greeting it is, I can hear all the individual elements of the track and not one element is overpowering another, very strong start Gloria Story.
Look Left, Walk Right starts of with a iconic guitar solo and uses the space for a impacted vocal in the first verse, the musicianship is first class producing a catchy rock track and can see where their would be inevitable crowd interaction as this type of track is ideal for that scenario.

Keeping the energy high and fluid, moving into White Man Blues which is the first track so far to add a story line to the songwriting which draws me into the track wanting to know what happens next and even with the use of profanity, I wouldn’t say it was need, however it would be all down to preference to the listener.

Cardinal Sin add the use of of percussion at the start, very nice touch as in mixes up what the listener would be expecting as the introduction of the track and also adding little elements like the tambourine adds depth and shows Gloria Story wants to stand out and to be recognized. Well thought out creative compliment added onto this high quality album so far, will this continue. Going on Roadtrip continues this party atmospheric album and they say they aimed to bring the 70’s sound to the present day and I’d like to say this has been achieved so far, can’t fault the musicianship and the technical ability of any members of Gloria Story, very accomplished musicians in their own right. Catchy chorus and tempo to Roadtrip, however this is the first track in the album so far I’m not feeling, just down to personal preference, I hope that will be the only time I will be saying that as the album continues.

Electric Wasteland is the anthem track on this album, this track stands out in many ways and what Gloria Story has achieved with this track even with catchy free flowing lyrics, especially the chorus as I was even singing this as I was listening to this track. This is the first track on the album which highlights the space to showcase the technical ability of the band as well as showing their song writing and vocal delivery, play this track in any club; because of how infectious the Electric Wasteland is, no doubt it would get the place rocking in a heartbeat.

Crusty Pie’s vocal kicks in almost from the start of the track and again mixes up the creative approach of the song development keeping the listener on their toes and everyone loves a good Crusty Pie, fans of Gloria Story would relate to this track and maybe even eat a Crusty Pie while listening to this track, also in a weird and surreal manor there is a emotional connection with Crusty Pie, this is down the song writing and how the vocal is delivered.

Down to the Liquor Store is a rebellious track to the state explaining their plan to rob the liquor store, their isn’t much more I can add as it’s the continues the continuity of the quality of this album, however this track did add vocal harmonies which is a nice touch as that was the first time in Greetings From Electric Wasteland this vocal technique has been used.

Well I knew this was coming in having a more slower tempo as the album has been high octane ball of energy. Hold Me Tonight triggers the emotional response of the listener showing that Gloria Story is flexible and can produce the same quality of track, no matter what the band is aiming to achieve with Hold Me Tonight.

I certainly wasn’t expecting a track titled I Would Die (If You Wanted) being a high energy track and was expecting this to be similar if trigger a more of a impact with the emotional response to this track, however this isn’t the case. The lyrics are very poignant and will relate to Gloria Story supporters in some way as their is a hidden message in this track. very cleverly done.

Thunderchild ends this album where it started, high energy, however its the second track in this album which I am not feeling at all and the reason why is the vocal chorus is not up to the same standard and I mean this in the song writing than the rest of the album.

Greetings From Electric Wasteland by Gloria Story is not a perfect example of bringing the sounds of the 70’s into the present day, but it is not far off. If you want a high octane album to get any party started, I would recommend this album, however leave the last track of the playlist as I feel the track doesn’t do the album any justice. Negatives aside, Gloria Story third studio album is clinically produced with the accompaniment of a well oiled band which delivers what they wanted to deliver which is a party oriented album of high quality, but not the highest quality.

Review By Z~Z