Glaukom Synod – Covered In Semen And Slime

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Visceral Circuitry Records
Released: 2014
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Glaukom Synod - Covered in Semen and SlimeBand line-up:

Gabriel S – Everything


1. Corrosion (Short mix)
2. The Iron Tongue (Razors in Your Mouth Mix)
3. Thrown Away (Napalm Death Cover)
4. Variations On The Theme Of Dazed And Confused (Led Zeppelin)
5. Dead (Remix Of Napalm Death)
6. Ichor – Ogrish in Lilliputia
7. Scum (Napalm Death Cover)
8. World Eater (Bolt Thrower Cover)


Aside from the fact that ‘Covered In Semen And Slime’ is the most brutal, death metal album title you might hear this month, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Glaukom Synod is just that. On the contrary, there are some brutal moments on this record but essentially, what this crazy gentleman has accomplished is some insane noise-core/industrial beats with some well produced and pretty decent covers (for the genre). That being said, there should be a warning with this album and that is ‘yes, computers WERE hurt in the making of this record’ as to the untrained ear, a lot of the time it sounds like someone’s raping a Gameboy.

The original song ‘Corrosion’ bursts directly into your eardrums with stupidly fast drums, a dark bass line and swells into an industrial minefield of sound. Your computer hasn’t crashed; this is just how insane the songwriting on this record is. It’s provocative, it’s furious and unforgiving without giving you a chance to breathe and recover from what’s just hit you. Another of the 3 original tracks on here ‘Ichor – Ogrish in Lilliputia’ is a more laid back offering compared to the opening track. It’s more of a track you could hear in a gothic nightclub that you could actually find a way to move to without it being too in your face.

With over half the album being covers, 3 of these happen to be Napalm Death covers/remixes and they’re not bad! Sounding more tabs you’d find on Guitar Pro software, they’re edgy and it’s an interesting take on the originals. The final track ‘World Eater (Bolt Thrower Cover)’ is one of the standout tracks on the record featuring slowed down, hellish synths and drums building up to a tribal climax. The covers themselves aren’t the best covers you’ll hear but they fit well in this album and make it more of an enjoyable listen especially seeing as the genre isn’t as accessible as others.

Review by Mickey Thin