GLARE OF THE SUN reveal first tunes from new album “Soil”

We are all doomed! Ok, hopefully 2017 will bring some happier moments and less hate than the last year, but musicwise the new song ‘One Step Nothing’ from GLARE OF THE SUN’S forthcoming album “Soil” is the perfect soundtrack for these still dark winter days!

Drown yourself into the deep sea of wide and heavenly guitars: dreamy, shoegazy, epic. But wait, the massive hammer of doom will hit you soon enough: unexpected, unprepared, merciless. GLARE OF THE SUN are sonically beautiful and brutal at the same time. Contrasts determine the songwriting of this five-headed band. The interwoven counterparts lead to lasting impressions: promising and melancholic, tumbeling at the edge of senses, between falling and rising, light and dark, night and day. GLARE OF THE SUN always create space and ideas which are open for interpretation – leaving it up to the listeners which side they want to choose or feel.

Being not willing to accept musical conventions and standards, experienced musicians from Germany and Austria of all kinds of genres founded GLARE OF THE SUN to break boundaries. The attitude: No rules no remorse! The music sounds like this: Doom meets Post, Shoegaze, Prog and a lot more. But all is authentic and GLARE (OF THE SUN). With -Soil- an album of very different facets has emerged. The charm and strength of this debut album arises out of the alleged extremes or antagonisms of its ingredients. In the end, everything comes together naturally. Also if you do not expect it.

GLARE OF THE SUN consists of members/ex-members of Zombie Inc., Collapse 7, Microtonner, Ghouls come knockin‘, Proll Guns.


“Soil” now available for pre-ordering from the Lifeforce Records webstore, iTunes and Amazon.

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