Revenge & Dead Icons @ El Birimbao, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico

Review by Dennis Rivera
Photography by Fran Jaume

Vengeance Music & Crew brought us an excellent show, but this time was a double feature of Hardcore/Metal by the bands Dead Icons and Revenge. For us the trip to the show is almost a 2 hour trip but when you mix friends, jokes and beers the time runs fast.
We arrived just in time the show haven’t start yet some we got some time to talk with some friends and with the bands. These two bands are performing in PR for the first time so you can see in their faces the excitement as they meet the fans. They were available for photos and autographs. The people Is coming inside the venue so were ready to go.

The night started with the local Hardcore/Metal band Against your Pride.
This four piece kick started with a lot of energy. A heavy and intense sound combined with breakdowns and some Death Metal influence. AYP is formed by Kelvin “Gato” Rodriguez on vocals, Carlos Cardona on guitar, Ibra on drums and Xirex on bass. The set was tight and showed how talented this band is, I really was very impressed with them.

Against Your Pride set List:
A road to nowhere
Last stand
Forced actions
Bad company

The second band of the night was Bicicleta. These guys delivered some Hardcore/punk adding some variety to the show. The band formed by Luis on vocals, Christian and Christopher on guitars Wesley on bass (also bassist for the local Thrash band Zafakon) and Javier on drums.

The performance was great with a lot energy and dynamism. This band has changed its sound, the first time I saw them I really didn’t like it, but the changes they did were positive. They played a couple of new songs. The songs were catchier and with a lot of punk melodies making you feel like you are listening to a Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack, reminded me bands like Comeback Kid, Ignite and August Burns Red. This band did a great performance but got some sound problems with one of the speakers.

index_Against Your Pride
Set list:
Ciudad Muerte
Todo Puerco Muere
Grow Up
Los Morones
Kill The Juggernaut
Yo Digo Lo Que Me Da La Gana
Lleno de Alegria

Los Brothers delivered aggression and violence as only they can. An explosive performance and a crowd completely involved during the whole set. The sound was precise and flawless. The people enjoyed every moment and even sing along with them. Los Brothers Hardcore/Metal combination makes you want to destroy the whole place. The mosh pit was more violent as the performance progressed.

Set List:
No turning back,
Nuevo Orden Mundial,
Struggle of victory,
Blood and Hate,
No Where to Hide,
Outro (Everybody get hurts cover) goon squad

index_Los Brothers
Bajo Presión did a great show. Old school sound, great presence and a fun show. Every time they get on stage is better and better. Their set was fluid and with no problems at all. Really a fun set, people danced and sing with the band. The melodic and catchy chorus provokes people to pile on to sing along them. The music was hard and heavy with an old school vibe characteristic of these pioneers of the Puertorrican Metal Scene. Bajo Presion is Rafy (vocals), Tito (guitar), Chris (guitar), Mario (drums) and Noel (on bass).

index_Bajo Presion
Set List:
Until your last breath
One Direction
Never Back Down
The Monster I Become
What Goes Around, Comes Around
Brace Yourself

Dead Icons
It’s time for the guys from Lexington, Kentucky Dead Icons. The band members are: William Johns, Stanley Siervers, Drew Cruse and Kyle Ruschell. Their show was pretty intense and solid. Their classic hardcore sound and some fast thrashy riffs fire up the crowd. Intense breakdown sections also delighted the crowd making them go crazy.

The sound band goes in the line of bands like Death Before Dishonor and Madball. They played songs like “Vultures” and “Survivor” from their LP “Condemned”. When we talked earlier with them, they told us their drummer was sick, but that didn’t stop him and perform.

index_Dead Icons
Set list:
Everything has a price
No pain goes unpunished
Life of uncertainty
The curse
True potential
Folding aces

The last band of the night was Revenge. This hardcore band from Springfield MA, is formed by Dan on vocals, George and Jorden on guitars, Justin on bass Will on drums. Aggressive and furious are perfect words to describe this band. With a sound familiar to bands like Ceremony and Thrash-Talk this band delivers fast and intense metallic riffs mixed with an explosion of anger and in your face vocals.

The drums and bass blend together all the time following each other giving a full ambient for the guitars to deliver some violence and heaviness. I got to say that Dan impressed me a lot; when I meet him earlier he looked really quiet with his glasses but when the show started he transform from a Clark Kent into an full of anger Superman. He got a great presence and energy that injects the people.

The crowd was very involved and exited with the band some of them singing along. The mosh pit and circle pits were brutal. Their performance was excellent, a band that can delight crowds from hardcore die hard fans to metal heads; they play mostly songs from their EP “Hymns of Annihilation” and ending with a cover of Slayer’s Raining Blood Intro.

Set list:
Nervous wreck
Hang the judge
Living dead
In god
World makes
Going nowhere
Raining Blood Intro (Slayer Cover)

Overall the show was a good show. The place is good for shows but I think the production should get more lighting for the next shows, as it will give the show a more professional look and the fans can appreciate better what’s going on. This and the problem with the speakers while the second band was playing were the only faults I could notice. This kind of problems are out of the hands of the production and inevitable on a gig, but they knew how to solve the problem fast, besides that was a great show, the people were satisfied and happy.

They got the chance to meet the bands and hangout with them, and the bands were happy and enjoyed the show and support from the fans, and they express their desire to comeback soon!