We Have A Ghost are a circle of musical collaborators led by the anonymous Ghost, who has announced his second studio album Encounters is to be funded via pledge website Indiegogo. 



After the success of the self-titled debut, Ghost has widened his playing field and aims to showcase a broader range of his styles and influences. He locked himself in a room in the middle of nowhere over the last several months, armed with an Elektron Analog Keys synth, and wrote an intensely personal, genre defying album regarding a series of encounters which he refuses to talk about. He’s also bringing back drummer Zia Uddin (The Mayfield Four, International Heroes, Modwheelmood), and adding Danny Ryder (Of These, Hope), AGW (A Great Weight), Ryan Colgan (Crepitus) and Steven Sheffield to the collective, with contributions by Chris Vaughn, Jonno Lloyd (Ventenner) and Vru Patel (Solarein) among others.


Matt Bayles is set to co-produce the album, whose credits include Oceanic by ISIS, as well as records from Mastodon, Pearl Jam, Botch and Russian Circles. Ghost comments that he was “especially concerned with working with someone who is aligned with his vision in crafting a cohesive, accessible yet unclassifiable sound that is equal parts heavy and light,” and in this way Matt Bayles fits the bill perfectly.


What’s in it for the pledgers? Plenty, with options ranging from instrumental versions and string tracks of Encounters, to Skype talks and personal cover songs. While Ghost is remaining tight-lipped about the specifics, he has announced that if the campaign goes over its funding target of $11,000, there are stretch goals in mind, with words like ‘vinyl’ and ‘touring’ teased out in the campaign’s FAQ. Also unconventional is the record release method, which is decidedly fans-first: “Encounters will not initially be released to the public. It’s going to backers of this campaign and shopped to labels first, via Ghost’s imprint. We are hoping to wrap up production later this year, followed by a late 2015 / early 2016 backer release.”

The Indiegogo campaign is live here:

You can stream Ghost’s début album here, and a compilation of the We Have A Ghost collaborators here.

Track stream from We Have A Ghost, “The Secret”: