Ghost in Mirrors Interview by Jo Blackened

Ghost in Mirrors Interview by Jo Blackened

Ghost in Mirrors are four piece alternative progressive rock band that formed in 2008. They are fronted by their enigmatic French vocalist France Amann and  are appreciated for their prolific approach to live gigs and their ability to connect deeply with their audience on a musical and spiritual level.

Over the past year, the band has achieved nothing but rave reviews and a growing fan base, playing over 50 live gigs, releasing their first studio album and supporting bands like Ghostwood from Australia and The Automatic. They work hard, filling bigger venues, & hope to play festivals while developing their unique sound and expressively exiting music.

The bands line up comprising of vocals, synth and glockenspiel by France Amann, with Phill Short,Blake Brett and Tim Hall also having an occasional  backing singer to their live sets.

In June 2009, Ghost in Mirrors won a popularity contest and was chosen to play a 30 minute set on the main stage at Kent’s music festival “Lounge On The Farm” which took place on the 10-12th July in Canterbury.

The band played alongside Prog Rock Legends “Gong”, “Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip”, “Son of Dave” or “The Horror” and was thrilled to have made its mark on the festival going crowd and being interviewed live on Canterbury CSR radio.

In February 2010 the band has been nominee for the Emerging Talent Awards in both Best Band and Best Live Act Categories.

We managed to chat with vocalist ‘France’ to ask her opinion of what’s been happening with the bands progress so far;

Hey, thanks for joining us today.
So band wise, what are you guys up to now? Are you working on anything EP/Album wise, or just gigging?

We released one self produced studio album and are working on the second one. We’re half way through song writing wise…then we’ll have to go back In the studio possibly around October/November time – budget allowing. We have done a UK tour in April with Belladonna and will tour again in July with them, all across Britain and Wales. It’s all very exciting. We also have a few open air festivals and conventions to play to this summer. We recorded our headliner show at the royal Victoria hall and will release it as a DVD in a few weeks as a promotional tool.

What are your current plans for 2010?
To step up a notch, working towards a more professional approach image/presentation/strategy wise.

What are your ambitions for the future in general?
That any one who potentially likes our music gets a chance to hear about it and hear/see our music. Then it’s down to them if they like it or not, you can’t force people to like it and we don’t want to change it drastically so a lot of people like it. It is going to be a long process, but we’ll have to appear as much as we possibly can in national/local magazines/festivals/radios…There’s no shortcut for it, but we’re determined.

What has the highest point been for Ghost in Mirrors so far?
Our album release in july 2009, the Dvd recording at the Royal Victoria Hall in may 2010, our first tour in April 2010 and our first festivals in summer 2009.

What are your musical influences?
Tool, Perfect Circle, Opeth, Deftones, Porcupine Tree, Bjork, Portishead, Dream Theatre, Muse, Genesis, King Crimson,

What inspires you most as a band?
Other bands and their music, everyday life and other kind of art, specially writers, film directors and painters.

The band name suggests a dark and mysterious element to your music, are there any themes or concepts you try to blend into your music?
Not really, we just try to organise and trim what comes out when the 4 of us get together and share ideas. The dark and mysterious element is subjective and you allow it to be there or want to see it there. I personally don’t think it is dark at all, but I can understand where you’re coming from.

What led you all to music?
We all have an individual drive that tells us we all belong where music happens, be it studios, stages or rehearsal rooms. We’re just lucky to have found each other I think.

What other bands were you all in before finding your path within Ghost In Mirrors?
Tim and Phill were in Lunar prospect with Luke. Blake was in metal bands and I was in a all female punk band that didn’t existed long enough to see its first gig!

How did you come together to form Ghost in Mirrors?
France started with a different drummer, and guitarist, they needed a bassist and she asked Luke from college. Then the former guitarist left with his mate and France got Tim and Phill who were previously with luke, We ended up being lunar prospect with a singer! Recently Luke left for variosu reasons and we asked Blake to join us and luckily, he wanted to!

Is there any particular song that you are most proud of?
The next one we will be writing!

Is there any one song that represents the band as a whole?
I think they all do, the songwriting is a common shared process that you can hear all through the songs.

What are your favourite venues to have played to date?
The Purple Turtle and the barfly in London (we had our own dressing rooms!) the Royal Victoria Hall in Tunbridge Wells. There is a little cafe in St leonards on sea that is really lovely to play at called The Rooms Near The Warrior Square.

You have recently gone through to the Band Quest Finals battling for a place at this years Bloodstock, you have come a long way, how has your journey been?
It’s been tough! We were battling in London and we live quite far. We have great local fans, but I must admit, there can be really hard to move around, and they failed giving us the support we wished to have had. but nevertheless, we still managed to get through with a hand full of dedicated fans and the votes from the jury.

Sadly, I learnt only recently that, as a band classified as alternative and not metal, our final doesn’t include a price to play at bloodstock. We have been told that we are not “metal” enough to be considered for bloodstock anyway. It is a shame, because I really think that the BOA crowd would have appreciated our live shows, be it pure metal or not. But we have to accept that decision and move on to the next step: sending our awesome live DVD to all the other festivals!

You can hear Ghost in Mirrors music by visiting their online site: