Ghost Horizon – The Erotics of Disgust

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Tridroid Records
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Released: 2017
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1 b 12Band Line-up:

‘Frog’ Magus – Drums
Daniel Stollings – Everything else


1. Radiant Eyes
2. So Hollow
3. This Forever Flow
4. Whispers





The critically acclaimed Ghost Horizon will unleash ’The Erotics of Disgust’ early this month. Their latest lineup features Dan Stollings (ex Psychobliss, and Severed Receptors), and drummer ‘Frog’ Magus of the group Norse. Therefore, you can be sure these people know their stuff. Stollings himself has said that the creation of his EP was filled with ups and downs, and that this is shown in his music. Evidently, he must write some emotional material, but that’s putting it mildly…

Is this… romantic sounding black metal? Never have I been so confused. The idea makes about as much sense as Christian black metal. That’s right, Ghost Horizon have taken screeches and double pedal beats, and fused them together, with beautiful melodies and chord progressions. However, the harmony’s not always mushy, sometimes it’s the more traditional evil sounding. This only makes things weirder; what the hell is going on here? Surely this stuff can’t sound right! Actually, it does… Like pineapple on pizza, or perhaps more aptly, like whale vomit in perfume.

Fittingly to GH’s concept, there is a lot of clean guitar work, but also some pretty nasty distortion. These contrasts make complete sense, aesthetically speaking, which goes to show to writer’s skill. Who these people appeal to on an ideological level, may be a tricky question, however. Hardened BM fans may find it ‘lame’, and everyone else may just find it plain odd. But stranger things have happened in music, e.g. polka metal. Hell, if you want to gently tell someone you love them, by writing in the Devil’s favourite genre, go for it.

What’s the songwriting like? It’s not bad. It’s not great either, it’s mostly pretty standard. There’s a lot of drama and aggression going on, but despite its innovations when concerning the genre as a whole, some more creativity with the instrumentation would be appreciated. You get plenty of speed picked guitars, and such so nothing really out there. How about a jazzy drum loop, or an edgy time signature change, or something?

In conclusion, give this a try; what’s the worst that can happen? Sure you may doubt just what black metal is exactly after listening to it, and you may get your head severely messed with, but at least it’s something fresh. Maybe you could give it to your Goth girlfriend as a present. She might be impressed with how sensitive you are. Or maybe she’ll just think you’re weird.

Review by Simon the Mighty