Gazpacho – Missa Atropos by Alan Chapman

Official release is the 26.11.2010 on – Galileo Records

Here’s one of those hidden gem bands totally grass roots, making music free of outside influence and surprise surprise they are a prog , so I suppose that’s the only way forward for them. But like others in this very non-commercial gene it’s paying off with dividends.

What you have here on their latest release is an album to sit back and let it flow over you, a sort of the sound scape’s of Radiohead the musicality of Porcupine Tree and vocal emotion of Muse but never sounding the same as any of these bands.

Even the idea behind this album has a magic to it, to quote the band themselves `To find out what a mass would be like, we envisaged a story of a man who cuts all ties to the world and moves to a lighthouse to write a mass for Atropos and to taste true solitude.` when this is set as you goal your setting the bar high and they achieved it.