Furyon @ The Purple Turtle, London

With The Mercy House and Stereo Juggernaut
20th February 2013
Review by Anna Dumpe

Tonight, it seemed that every possible rock music fan in London is going to be at The Brixton Academy to see Deftones, but that turned out to be a wrong guess as there was a gig happening up in North London’s Purple Turtle gathered quite an impressive amount of people, who wanted to see and hear performances by Furyon, The Mercy House and Stereo Juggernaut.

Tonight’s gig was an interesting one to watch, as pretty much the same line-up of bands performed at The Purple Turtle exactly one year ago, giving us a chance to see how the bands have developed professionally in one year’s time.
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North London’s Stereo Juggernaut start the night with original set successfully mixing classic rock and modern electro elements. They mix the good-old electric guitar with futuristic, electronic effects and make it all appealing by adding poetical lyrics.

Stereo Juggernaut has a lot of character for such new band. It’s mostly down to the compelling stage presence of their singer Ben, who comes across as a naïve combination of Robert Smith’s and Brian Molko’s characters, yet leads the band with persuasive self-confidence.

“Rosie, I” marks the highlight of Stereo Juggernaut’s set as emotionally driven and pumping track where electronics are cleverly mixed with a song that would normally sound like a classic rock’n’roll track. Finishing with the bluesy and spine-tingling „Fallen,” Stereo Juggernaut come across as exciting and original new band that you will definitely hear about in the nearest future.

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Next up are one of the hardest rocking and ‘no-fucking-around’ acts from London – The Mercy House. They seem to gain confidence and energy with every show they play and tonight they put on a show that’s emotionally charged with anger and passion and is all about in-you-face attitude.

With their grungy and raw sound, they manage to build a great tension in the room and get the audience hooked on their killer riffs and persuasive stage presence.

The Mercy House is a band that demands an audience that is responsive and full of life, as they take the energy in the room and use it as an instrument to improve their show. Their performance is a mutual exchange of different emotions and is hell of a rock’n’roll experience.

The Mercy House lads underline their anti-political position by bringing to the stage a blow-up doll with David Cameron’s face stuck on it. It ends up being thrown around the audience and looking more than amusing.

The band is on fire tonight, as they deliver an energetic set of Tool meets Alice In Chains inspired music that highlights the night.
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Tonight’s headliners Furyon always seem to put on a great show, and tonight isn’t any different. Delivering a set of straight-forward classic rock infused with grunge and metal elements, Fuyon are on top of their game.

The energy and cooperation between musicians on stage is expert, and the audience is being spoiled with spectacular guitar work and Matt Mitchell’s significantly soaring vocals. His vocals remind just a little of Myles Kennedy’s and, in general, Furyon come across and remind of a heavier version of Alter Bridge, which can only be a good thing. The guitar work is immense, as the guys throw in some rather epic solos, razor-sharp riffs and aggressive shredding.

Although for those who were at The Purple Turtle a year ago to see Furyon perform, tonight might be a bit of a letdown, as the band doesn’t demonstrate much of an observable professional and artistic development.

The performance is flawless, but the energy level that was set by The Mercy House performance has dropped a bit.

Furyon remain professionals and outstanding performers, so make sure you check them out if you’re into bands like Alter Bridge, Shinedown, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, etc.