Frozen Ocean – Prills Of Remembrance

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Kristallblut Records
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Released: 2015
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frozen oceanBand line-up

Vaarwel – everything

Track listing

1. Touching Clouds Beyond the Edge of Dome
2. Into the Forest of Rope Dolls
3. As White Supergiant Illumines Petrified Streets
4. Gathering Amaranthine Rain of Escape
5. Broken Feather of the Last Seraphim
6. Of Blurred Signs Once Carved on Full Moon
7. Chains Hang Down the Abyss
8. Forgotten Children Play on Concealed Stages
9. Slow Stars in Underwater Caves
10. White Birds Thaw on Toy Soldier’s Burial


After forging their trademark sound over the past ten years, combining metal with electronic sounds, Frozen Ocean are back with perhaps their most introspective release yet.

Unfolding with a synth led introduction, ‘Touching Clouds Beyond the Edge of the Dome’ retains a strong level of self restraint throughout its course. Remaining suspended between light melodies and electronic beeps, the track carries forward an ambient sensibility throughout.

Following up with the obscure sounding ‘Into the Forest of Rope Dolls’, the band maintain their aural stance and layered composition. While it may not exactly stand out as anything ground breaking, the music does shimmer with an alluring radiance that becomes inescapable.

Most of the record follows in a similar format, with a more direct approach found in ‘Gathering Amaranthine Rain of Escape’. The drums become more active as delicate instrumentation breezes by with ease.

‘Chains Hang Down From the abyss’ remains a strong contender for the band’s strongest offering. The sound feels more evolved and deeper than anything else found on here, offering up an electronic precision that shows Frozen Ocean at their best.
The record does fall short at offering anything truly memorable to take away from the listening experience with many ideas being rehashed and with a lack of variation each time. However, Frozen Ocean are reaching something deeper, and this is something that will keep fans peeling back the subtle genius behind this record for amount of considerable time.