Freakasaurus Rex – Artist & Doll Creator Interview by Jarod Lawley

Freakasaurus Rex is a self-taught artist and creator living in the North west of England. 
The combination of her love for the macabre and wondrous, and her fascination of Memento Mori, twins and albinos results in a variety of very unusual characters.

Hi and thanks for your time. Could you please tell us about your work & how it all began?

My work is generally on the sinister side, and mainly involving repainting dolls. I have always loved dolls from an early age and would trawl local jumble sales, bringing home all of the unwanted unloved dollies and teddies. I have always loved creating things, and combining all of this with my love of the strange and unusual.  I guess Freakasaurus Rex was a progression from all of this, and finally gave me a medium with which I could disturb and unnerve people, whilst still keeping the feelings of lost childhood.

Where do you draw your inspiration from to create such dramatic pieces?

Anywhere and everywhere! Horror stories, folklore, paranormal, phobias….you name it I have been inspired by it! What works for some people doesn’t for someone else…..and it’s finding that creepy Achilles heel that really makes me happy.

How long does each doll take to make & what is the process?

It can take anything from a few hours to a few days, depending on the piece really, and how much detail or finish I need. My longest time is probably about 4 days, and that was for an exhibition piece for a gallery in Detroit. As for the process…..basically sourcing the right doll, and materials, stripping the doll back to a blank canvas, then base coat, painting in several layers, fixing new eyes, fixing new hair, costume and details, and finally a photo shoot for the public 🙂

If you could create a doll for anyone, who would it be & why?
Now that is a tough question! I really don’t have a clue! Maybe Doug Bradley or Linda Blair…..I guess it would have to be someone who appreciates the creepiness?

You work with many different mediums, from polymer clay to acrylic inks, are they all as important as each other to you?

I think I am most comfortable with inks, but it is always fun working in new or unfamiliar mediums. Depending on the piece I am working on they all have their own merit. The end result and feeling from it is what is important to me.

When creating a doll, do you aim for the scare factor or a funny spookiness?

Scare every time. I love it when I get comments about how awful/freaky/disgusting something is, or how it wouldn’t be welcome in that persons house. That shows that I am doing something right! I do find though that the more macabre or gruesome dolls are not to everyone’s taste, and so try to incorporate some fantasy or creepily beautiful characters too.

Do you ever base your dolls on people you know have met?

No. Not intentionally anyway! Though that might be fun for the future 😉

Other  than the dolls, you also design and create your own jewellery. How did this come about?

I am a Goth till I die 😉 and love unusual costume jewellery. My jewellery reflects this with a touch of dead doll thrown in. I like to make jewellery items that I would be happy to wear, and hopefully something that causes a reaction too.

What plans do you have in the future? Where would you like to see your work?

I am very easy about the future, and actually have no big plans. I just love to create in my free time, and further pressure stops me enjoying my art. I would like to be part of some more exhibitions though at some point. I would also love to try some larger art pieces incorporating dolls, or an art doll made from scratch as opposed to re-using porcelain bodies (I have tried a couple of tiny ones)


Is there anything you are currently working on?

I have a wonderfully large doll who has just become Jesus , King of Kings…..of course with my own creepy take on things 😉 This is to be a part of a photo shoot with the wonderful Hysteria Machine soon, so look out for him. I have also been upcycling some vintage handbags with doll faces hand sculpted from paper clay or moulded and cast myself from resin. I am enjoying trying out new mediums.

What advice would you give someone else, also wanting to create their own art/jewellery?

It sounds corny, but really….do it for the fun, for the love, for yourself. If you enjoy making the art that is paramount…….if other people appreciate it afterwards, that is a bonus! Don’t get caught up in what other people think, and never be afraid to be inspired. I get tired of people claiming that their ideas came first. If someone inspires you to try their style, go ahead! They should be flattered that you admire them so much.

Thank you for your time! Is there anything else you’d like to add or say to our readers?

I would just like to thank everyone for taking the time to read this, and if you would like to see what I do please check out my facebook page 🙂